“Coding Autism” Launches to Train Adults with Autism How to Code

(Los Angeles, CA) - April 26, 2017 – Every year, the number of people diagnosed with autism rises, however there are simply not enough quality programs designed towards training adults with autism with real-world career skills. As a result, too many are either unemployed or working in menial jobs below their skill level. To help adults with autism learn the fundamental skills necessary to secure an entry-level web developer job, LA-based Coding Autism has announced a new program to train those with autism how to code.

To help fund the program, and allow contributors to provide for scholarships so that the entire 15-person first class can attend tuition-free, Coding Autism has launched a crowdfunding campaign here. Coding Autism’s first web development boot camp is called the ASPIRE Web Development Immersive. This is a 15-week, full-time course where students will be learning the fundamental skills of coding. The first class will take place at Hub 101 in Thousand Oaks, CA (Greater Los Angeles Area) with online classes planned in 2018.

“It is completely unacceptable that our autistic community is experiencing an over 80% unemployment and underemployment rate,” said Oliver Thornton, CEO & co-founder of Coding Autism. “As passionate advocates who have either been diagnosed with autism ourselves or have family members affected with autism, we understand that with the right resources, training, coaching and environment that individuals with autism can thrive in the workforce.”

By founding Coding Autism and launching the ASPIRE Web Development Immersive, Mr. Thornton believes that they can create highly qualified, skilled, and eager to work autistic employees to fill job vacancies in the tech industry. Research has shown that typical autistic characteristics such as attention to detail, affinity for repetitive tasks and introversion are all traits that lend themselves to becoming a successful employee within the tech industry. With the $50k+ average annual salary for entry-level, full-time web developers, tech is an attractive industry in which to pursue a career.

Over the last decade, companies such as Microsoft and SAP have implemented autism hiring initiatives. This was done not to combat autistic unemployment, but because they have seen that adults with autism can be exceptional employees and drive innovation when provided the right structure, mentorship and on-boarding. Students that want to enroll can sign-up to receive more information at: CodingAutism.com

A video can be seen at YouTube.

About Coding Autism:
Coding Autism is a full-service professional coaching and training company that trains adults on the autism spectrum in professional skills such as software engineering, quality assurance, and web development. We also assist our graduates in finding employment within the software and technology industries. We do so by providing services such as immersive programs and bootcamps, resume workshops, career counseling, interview preparation, and coaching/mentorship, all of which is designed around providing an environment where people on the spectrum can thrive. More information is available at CodingAutism.com.

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Top addictive games for Android

Gaming on our smartphones can be addictive, as well as boring! How? I am just taking pieces from my experiences from the past five years. If you are a real world racing fan who likes simulation games more than adventurous one, then I can bet you’ve already spent 1000+ hours just by playing Real Racing 3 alone. This game is much realistic and addictive that the game forces you sometimes to put your phone on flight mode so that you can be the perfectionist of overtaking in the crucial chicane on any track. You will play on the same tracks and same events over and over just to beat yourself what you’ve achieved just a minute ago! This can be so thrilling yet so boring! Because of games like this one, you can miss so many others! At this moment Google Play Store has around a million of games waiting for us to download but alas! We only have one lifetime!!

Last year, in my last collaboration of Android games post, I focused on the virtual reality-based game only. So while the MWC is going on in Barcelona, what could be the best time to look at some of the best and addictive games of past few months? No matter you whether are going to have a Nokia 3 or Huawei P10 (even LG G6), this list always help you to push your new phone’s to its limit, whether it’s power or stamina you are thinking of!

1. Beach Bike Stunt Rider
If you are looking to race in some unorthodox way then this can be yours. The 1st expression of this game will remind you the ‘Road Rash’ game. It was one the very few games played by every 90’s kid whoever had the opportunity to touch a keyboard and mouse that time. Moving from that, as the name suggests this is not a proper bike racing game. The game takes place on an incomplete constructions site. You will need to be the master of freestyle riding along with sooo many stunt tricks. The landscape and graphics is not mind blowing, but is that really necessary? Dangerous terrain with obstacles and tricky paths are waiting for you, where you need to ride fast, jump high and dodge risky hurdles through amazing stunts ramps. You can also have the opportunity to use Nitro while doing these. The game also has many challenging levels of stunt activities to challenge your skills to the limit.

2. Pokémon GO
It’s very hard, if you don’t think impossible, not to mention this game while going through any list of addictive games. I am sure of one thing. While I am writing this article on 2017 or my grandson will write on 2117, Pokémon GO will be on the list of every all-time best games beyond its era. This game has made so many headlines in 2016 in mainstream media, that it feels quite odd to add this games on my list in 2017. But why should i? Pokémon GO being the best mobile games of 2016 (without any questioner) doesn’t mean it’s forbidden to write about it in 2016. Unless you’ve lived 2016 in Mario’s dungeon’s you must know that Pokémon GO is an augmented reality game based on real life location mapping. The game was initially released in July 2016, the game is equally praised and criticised. The game has all the basics covered to make it perfect treasure-hunting experiences.

The main appeal of the Pokemon Go is how being out in the real world, searching for other people who see can also what AR can do now, even if those all occur outside of the game itself and care to imagine what it is going to do next.

3. Real Football
Well, though the name of the game is Real Football, but many of the features included in the App Packages seem unreal to me. First of all, this is a game made by Gameloft itself, so there is no question in quality. Then this is a fully free to play the football game with the option of building your own team and develop your own training facility. Well, everything seems right on the place where they should be, right? No, it’s not. Unlike many other Gameloft games, the size of the game is only 20 megabytes! I don’t have any idea how they can manage to insert features like 3D stadiums, detailed textures, multiple camera viewing inside this sort of package!

As the game progresses, your ability of efficient playing will improve. The game will give you the option of including Hospitals, Physiotherapy Centers and Youth Camp in your sports arena, all of which will be reflected in your team’s performance. Want to take a break from all these? The game also has fantasy team manager too!

The most interesting thing is that you'll be able to recruit top players via lottery. However, there is one thing missing in this game and that is the possibility of placing few bets on the matches like we do in real life. Just imagine if you had real odds for every game or tournament played. You know, there are many betting websites that can give you their offers and if you are playing with cash it will be pretty sweet to actually win. Alternatively, you can stake virtual money and you'll be able to upgrade the players or their experience. What do you think?

Smartphone Survival: Apple Dominates Depreciation Data

Data from tech-buying site Decluttr.com has revealed that Apple devices retain most value out of all smartphone brands, with rival Samsung coming second in the phone depreciation stakes. Even though more than 53 percent of the U.S. smartphone market is held by Android*, depreciation data from Decluttr.com has revealed that Apple is best for your buck, with iPhone models depreciating at a slower rate than other brands. When comparing the iPhone 7 with the Samsung Galaxy S7, the newest iPhone model only lost 34 percent after a month on the market, while the S7 lost 50 percent of its value over the same period. The study also revealed that newer iPhone models also hold their value better as each version is released. For example, the iPhone 5 lost 65 percent of its value after six months on the market, whereas the SE and 6s lost less than 40 percent in the same period.

“The clear winners when it comes to phone depreciation are Apple users. iPhones have a reputation of being premium products and after the initial fall in price when a model is launched, the iPhone holds the most value after a 12-month and even a 24-month period, which are both average contract lengths,” said Liam Howley, Decluttr.com marketing director. “This is good news for savvy consumers who are looking to cash in after their phone contract ends as they know they’ll get the best value from their old iPhone.”

Howley also noted that while Apple and Samsung models tend to cling to their value better, the newest models of the LG and HTC phones shed it quicker. “This really does paint a picture of an industry where brands are struggling to keep up with the dominance of the mighty Apple and Samsung within the market,” said Howley. Decluttr’s study revealed that the HTC One M9 lost 65 percent in value in just the first month of being released, making it the biggest depreciator while being barely out-of-the-box. After a year, the phone lost 75 percent of its value. At the end of a 24-month period, which is often the average contract length, it was HTC that performed the worst out of all brands. The HTC One M7 lost 86 percent of its value, with the HTC One M8 not far behind, losing 83 percent of its value after two years.

For more information on the study, please visit: decluttr.com/blog/2017/04/05/how-quickly-does-your-phone-depreciate-in-value/

*Based on comScore report Jan. 2017: ir.comscore.com/releasedetail.cfm?releaseid=1016572

### About Decluttr

Decluttr.com is a free and easy way for customers to get cash for their unwanted CDs, DVDs, books video games, mobile phones and other tech items including Games Consoles, Tablets, iPods and more all in one place. The company’s website and smartphone apps mean that anyone can easily sell their unwanted products and reap the benefits – from making a little extra cash and freeing up valuable space in the home, to reducing the need for borrowing and minimizing their impact on the environment. Decluttr.com gives customers an instant reward value for their unwanted stuff using a smart valuation engine named ‘Val’ and it pays out via check or bank transfer on the next working day after the goods are received.

For more information on trade-in values, visit decluttr.com.

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Relation Between Games and Studies

This infographic explains the importance of games in the educational system. The question, whether the games should be brought in the classroom or not is worth asking primarily because gaming is associated most of the times with fun activities, and most parents are suspicious that whether games will be helpful in educational pursuits. The infographic answers this question by explaining the changing trends in the world. For instance, traditional ways of learning are no longer sufficient, and the impact of technology in our lives is gradually increasing. In today’s world, children are grown up with the constant awareness of technological gadgets, and they start playing game sat very early age, and this is exactly what makes them different from the older generations.

There are three primary reasons to bring games in the classroom: the first one is that the games are user-friendly and as kids love playing games, they will be able to learn a lot more by this method. The other more important reason is that children are more familiar with games than anything else in their early childhood. Therefore, instead of bombarding children with so many formal books – which will be horrendous for children – if we give them games which feature educational content, the learning rate of children will increase significantly.

Initially, it was believed that gaming is very dangerous for studies, and with the passage of time, and as more and more educational content was introduced in the games, most people now believe that gaming can be helpful for education as well. Whether this is the first group – which disagrees with the educational capacity of gaming – or the second – which agrees – both of them have no idea about how actually the process of learning via gaming helps us. For this matter, the infographic explains the research of a famous doctor Paul Howard Jones, who conducted some research on how games help children learn.

According to Paul, games help us in three different ways: the first and the most important thing is that games stimulate the brain to produce more and more dopamine, and as dopamine is connected to creativity and is responsible for making countless connections between neurons in our mind, it is considered a highly helpful thing. It is important to mention that “the memory of our brain works on the associate power of connections, therefore, more the associations, the stronger our memory,” says Kyle Ward, a senior game developer at Game Period. Thus, in turn, the stronger the connections, the more efficient will be the physical basis for learning.

Another thing that we get from games is the motivational level. We are always motivated to do things that we like, and if we don’t like anything, our motivation goes down to a minimum, and we perform worst in those situations. As children love playing games, their motivation in this activity is significantly higher than if they are reading a book. Therefore, many people want this motivation channelized in a positive way. This can be done by introducing educational content in games.

Relation Between Games and Studies

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Baseball Scorekeeping Joins the 21st Century with GameChanger

There was a time when nothing was more sacred than going to a baseball game, getting a hot dog and keeping score in the stands. Children from past generations would enter the gates at their favorite baseball stadium and immediately ask their parents to get a scorecard and pencil, so that they could track every play. In the days before YouTube, Wikipedia and baseball reference sites, keeping score was one of the only ways to look back on games and remember what happened – batter to batter.

As technology advanced the art of scorekeeping faded from popular use, and now many fans don’t know what a backwards “K”, “HPB” or a “6-4-3 DP” means. To help bring scorekeeping back to the 21st Century, GameChanger has launched apps for iOS and Android. GameChanger, available for free, is the leading digital scorekeeping app that also helps amateur baseball and softball teams stay organized and informed.

Baseball Scorekeeping Joins the 21st Century with GameChanger

GameChanger features an easy-to-use tutorial that guides even the most inexperienced users step-by-step and pitch-by-pitch. With one click, users simply have to select the virtual field on the screen and a set of dropdown menus will allow them to input the play. The app keeps track of all the action, so that users can review the game anytime, anywhere. In-game stats include everything from pitch counts to first-pitch strike percentage.

Download Link

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Hugo Games Adds Arsenal to Powerhouse Lineup of Top Clubs to be Featured in New Mobile Soccer Game

COPENHAGEN (January 30, 2017) – While the top football clubs in the world may battle it out on the field, many are coming together in Hugo Games’ highly-anticipated mobile soccer game. Hugo Games A/S (OAX: HUGO), a mobile interactive entertainment developer and publisher of mobile games, today announced that Arsenal F.C., one of the most popular teams in the world, is joining with Real Madrid and FC Barcelona as the first three teams to be included in the new game, scheduled for release in Q2 2017.

Arsenal is the first Premier League team to be added to the game’s powerhouse line-up of top clubs. The game will feature popular Arsenal stars including Olivier Giroud, Alexis Sánchez, Aaron Ramsey, Theo Walcott, Mesut Özil and Petr Cech. In addition, players will be able to take the pitch at Arsenal’s home field of Emirates Stadium to bring added realism to the title.

The new game, for iOS and Android, will allows gamers to compete against other competitors from around the world in real-time, online and offline player-vs-player competitions. Gamers can improve their team with Arsenal players that can be enhanced with power boosts and new skills.

Top Clubs in the World, Including Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, to be in Game

“The addition of Arsenal to the upcoming soccer game from Hugo Games is just the latest step in providing fans across the globe with the most exciting game available, featuring the most popular, famous and successful football clubs of all time,” said Henrik Kølle, CEO in Hugo Games. “Hugo Games is continuing to add new teams, including Arsenal, to the game, so that fans can play as their favorite players and clubs and experience a soccer title unlike any other.”

With the addition of Arsenal to its already impressive lineup of licensed properties, Hugo Games continues to be a world leader in the development and publishing of mobile sports games. Games from Hugo Games feature soccer legend Cristiano Ronaldo, skateboard superstar Nyjah Huston and soccer powerhouses FC Barcelona and Real Madrid.

About Hugo Games
Hugo Games is a Nordic mobile games publisher and developer located in Copenhagen. At Hugo Games we are passionate about games and we are committed to making titles that will engage and bring genuine joy to people for years. We have a consistent portfolio of games globally available across a wide range of platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, Amazon and Facebook.

More information available at hugogames.com.

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Full List of Samsung Galaxy phones that will receive Android 7.0 Nougat update

Though Google released Android 7.0 Nougat back in August 2016, Samsung is one of the companies which were unable to keep up the speed like the rest of the top tier companies. Unlike previous updates, Nougat was first released to developers with a public preview beta program in March 2016, meaning early access to the new version of Android. For several months now, Google Nexus smartphone and tablet users have been using the company’s latest Android operating system.

Now that Samsung’s finally started distributing the long-awaited Nougat update for the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge from 12 January 2017, many owners of the firm’s other handsets have started to question whether their unit will be graced with the latest flavor of Android. To clear up the confusion, we’ve decided to compile a list of all the Galaxy-branded devices that will be bumped up to Android 7.0. These Samsung Android phone that are expected to get android Nougat update-
Galaxy A3
Galaxy A5
Galaxy A7
Galaxy A8
Galaxy A9/A9 Pro
Galaxy A3 (2016)
Galaxy A5 (2016)
Galaxy A7 (2016)
Galaxy S6
Galaxy S6 Active
Galaxy S6 edge
Galaxy S6 edge+
Galaxy S7
Galaxy S7 edge
Galaxy S7 Active
Galaxy Note 5
Galaxy Tab S2

When is Android 7.1.1 Nougat coming to my phone?

Fate of the Galaxy J5 (2016) and Galaxy J7 (2016) is still unknown but its highly likely that those phone will receive the Nougat treatment. Same may not be true for Samsung Galaxy S5 and Note 4. Once again for the carrier-branded smartphones, all of the major operators in the United States should roll out the firmware for handsets in the Galaxy A, Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series. However, an exact time frame remains unknown. Some of them might start pushing it out around the same time it starts arriving on international units, while some might take a few extra week — and we can only wait and see what happens.

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