Price of all LG Smart Phones in Bangladesh

Last Update date: 30 September, 2014

LG Electronics Inc. is a South Korean multinational electronics manufacturer known worldwide for its diversified product and amazing quality products. Though they are little bit slow at the start of new Smartphone era, in 2014 LG successfully turned the table towards them by making some of the best smartphone running Android. After false starts with the Optimus series, LG basically took 2012 off; a sabbatical from the top-tier end of the market to gather its thoughts. LG's standing as potentially the most innovative and improved manufacturer of 2013 is now much more prominent by their LG G3 handset. LG G Flex is the world's first flexible smartphone before Samsung Galaxy Round.

বাংলাদেশি টাকায় এলজি মোবাইল ফোনের দাম

The story of LG mobile is similar in Bangladesh. Their presence was significant in 2G mobile phone era in Bangladesh. After that with the introduction of iPhone and Galaxy they were never to be found in Bangladesh. But in 2014 LG again started selling their products officially in the country. Almost all of their phones is now available in Bangladesh with 1 year warranty.

LG G3 50,990 taka
LG G2 39,900 taka
LG Nexus 5 34,500 taka
LG G Pro lite dual 24,900 taka
LG L70 dual 14,900 taka

Please don't forget to comment if any of the price is outdated.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is on pre-order in Bangladesh

The all-new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has now been officially unveiled many countries in the world, the people of Bangladesh will have the chance to grab their copy soon. Samsung is seemingly worried about the launch of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, and is said to be accelerating its release schedule for the Galaxy Note 4. With the aggressive pricing, Samsung is said to be targeting 15 million sales for the Galaxy Note 4 in the first month of availability, which if the manufacturer succeeds would overshadow the 11 million sales achieved by the Galaxy S5 earlier this year.


Samsung Bangladesh is starting to take Pre-order for galaxy Note 4 through their website. While the regular introductory price is set for 80,000 taka ($1030), which is quite of the limit from previous Samsung product. For you knowledge Samsung released Galaxy S5 few months ago for 60,000 taka ($775) and Galaxy Note 3 a year earlier for 69,900 taka ($900). But if you are subscriber of Grameenphone Star then you have the opportunity to grab your Note 4 for 67,500 taka ($875).

The exact release date of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 isn’t known yet.

5MP with flash Selfie camera packed Sony Xperia C3 is now in Bangladesh

For the last decade all of Sony’s phones have been pushing for better camera quality. After the 4K on the flagship Xperia Z2, the new Sony Xperia C3 sports what the company calls the best selfie camera. Resembling the 7mm-thin Xperia T3 which was introduced in June, the C3 is quite thin itself at 7.6mm. The main selling point of the new handset is its 5MP front-facing "PROselfie" camera that offers a soft flash and an 80 degree field of view. Users can take selfies in several ways, including by smiling (thanks to a Smile Shutter function), or by tapping twice on the back of the phone.
Sony Xperia C3 vs iPhone 5S
PROselfie front-facing camera aside, the Xperia C3 features Android 4.4 KitKat, a 5.5-inch 720p display, LTE, NFC, an 8MP rear camera, quad-core 1.2GHz Snapdragon processor, 1GB of RAM, and 8GB of expandable internal memory.
Sony Xperia C3 vs Samsung Galaxy Alpha
This awesome mid-range selfie phone is now available in Bangladesh. You can grab it for 25,000 taka ($320). But if you want authorized Sony deal then you must wait for a while. Because Sony is yet to deliver this phone in the country officially.
Sony Xperia C3 vs HTC Eye
Later this year, HTC might also release a selfie-centric smartphone which could be called HTC Eye.

WhoSampled Launches Music Discovery App for Android

Hit iOS app comes to Android to deliver the WhoSampled music discovery experience through samples, cover songs and remixes;
App showcases how 90s music is influencing the songs of 2014

London, UK, September 23, 2014 – WhoSampled, the popular music discovery website and iOS app powered by the world’s largest database of sample-based music, cover songs and remixes, today announced that the app is now available on Android as a free download. With over 270,000 tracks from over 95,000 artists, WhoSampled offers a unique experience that directly links up artists to the music that influenced them and charts their influence on contemporary music. WhoSampled can be downloaded on Google Play

Android Music App

The launch of the Android app will help showcase how the music of the 90’s is influencing today’s charts, with the biggest hits of recent times having incorporated samples of classic tracks from the decade that bought us stone washed denim, Baywatch and Dumb & Dumber. The 90s resurgence is led by Nicki Minaj’s recreation of Sir Mix-a-Lot’s 1992 then controversial classic “Baby Got back” on her new smash hit “Anaconda” and Iggy Azalea’s re-interpreting mid-nineties movie “Clueless” in her video for global number one hit “Fancy”.

Music’s evolution continues to be cyclical, with music producers continuing to raid their parents’ record and CD collections for inspiration. The biggest new artists of today, including Ariana Grande, Drake, Kid Ink, Jeremih and Duke Dumont, have drawn inspiration from 90s greats such as Whitney Houston and Wu-Tang Clan, as well as dancefloor anthems by Snap! and Robin S.

Users of WhoSampled can discover the “DNA” of the music they listen to and love. The app provides detailed information on songs, including what other songs have sampled them, what artists have covered music from other artists, and what remixes were then made for a track. WhoSampled allows users to explore the musical connections in their own music collection.

Key features of WhoSampled include:
- The ability to go on a journey of musical discovery built around a user’s own music collection. Scan a music library and discover amazing connections for the tracks in it
- Easy access to the world’s largest and richest database of music DNA, with over 270,000 tracks, 95,000 artists and continuous daily additions. Search for any artist or track even if it is not in your music library
- Beautiful, clean interface. Simple and intuitive navigation makes music exploration easy
- Compare tracks side-by-side and listen to full‐length tracks, streamed through YouTube (where available)
- Highly detailed information on any sample (sample timing, sample type, part sampled) lets users pinpoint where the sample was used and compare it with the original
- A “share” feature allowing users to share their amazing finds with their Facebook friends and Twitter followers
- Deep and unique music charts that show trending and top-rated content as well as the all-time most influential artists and tracks
- Engage with the WhoSampled community from within the app; comment on and rate any entry in the WhoSampled database
- A host of other features and functionality including links to buy tracks, personal favorites list plus intelligent contextual recommendations from every sample, cover and remix

In addition to the popular iOS app, the WhoSampled website sees over 1 million unique monthly visitors and its social media footprint exceeds 135,000 across Facebook and Twitter. WhoSampled's iOS app was featured in the Apple App Store's "Best of 2012" list (the only music discovery app to have been selected that year), and was selected as one of the best apps in the world by the Telegraph, The Next Web, The Sunday Times, Stylist and more.

About WhoSampled
WhoSampled is a unique service for music fans who want to discover and understand music, its history and its influences – by allowing them to explore the DNA of their favorite songs and share their discoveries with friends.

Using the world’s largest, most detailed and most accurate database of sampled music, cover songs and remixes, WhoSampled knows - for any given track - which samples were used or where that track has since been sampled, covered or remixed.

Through these unique connections, music fans can explore the roots and influences in their favorite songs. Using video from services such as YouTube and VEVO, WhoSampled allows you to compare tracks by playing “samples vs sampled” or “originals vs covers” side-by-side.

Price of Alcatel Smartphones in Bangladesh

Last Update date: 21 September, 2014

Alcatel was established in established in 2004 as a joint venture between Alcatel-Lucent of France and TCL Communication of China. The company is the manufacturer of the One Touch mobile and tablet series. Until very recently it was impossible in Bangladesh to get Alcatel smartphones. If possible then you have to sacrifice warranty because there was no authorized distributor in Bangladesh. But the scenario is now changed. There are some official channels in this country now and they are distributing all Alcatel phones and tabs in very exciting price range.

Alcatel smartphone has two definitive advantages. They are cheaper that other brands like Sony, HTC etc but same time they are beautiful. If you have any doubt over their quality than I simply have one suggestion for you. You can check world’s best online retailer or carriers. All of them are offering Alcatel phones. So you will be fooled if you thought that Alcatel is a CHINESE brand!

Best Alcatel Smartphone price list

Alcatel currently offering four different series of Android running product under the hood of 'Onetouch' like Samsung's Galaxy. 'Hero' is their top of the line series with 'Idol', 'Pop' and 'Pixi' following.

In this post I am writing down the retail price of latest Alcatel Onetouch smartphones. Keep in mind that the given price might be up and down. Though I will try my best to update them regularly but you have to careful.

Alcatel Onetouch Hero 34,999/- taka
Alcatel Onetouch Idol X+ 28,999/- taka
Alcatel Onetouch Idol Alpha 24,499/- taka
Alcatel Onetouch Idol 2 S 21,999/- taka
Alcatel Onetouch Idol 2 Mini S 18,999/- taka
Alcatel Onetouch Idol 2 17,999/- taka
Alcatel Onetouch Idol 2 Mini 15,999/- taka
Alcatel Onetouch Scribe Easy 8000D 12,499/- taka
Alcatel Onetouch Idol Mini 11,499/- taka
Alcatel Onetouch Star 7,888/- taka

Alcatel Onetouch Pop 7 12,999/- taka
Alcatel Onetouch Pop 8 17,999/- taka
Alcatel Onetouch Pop X 9,949/- taka
Alcatel Onetouch Pop C5 8,199/- taka
Alcatel Onetouch Pop C3 6,999/- taka
Alcatel Onetouch Pop C1 5,599/- taka

Alcatel Onetouch Pixi 4007D 4,999/- taka

Alcatel Onetouch 815D 3,499/- taka
Alcatel Onetouch Tribe 3040D 3,499/- taka

Alcatel 3020D 3,049/- taka
Alcatel 2005D 2,849/- taka
Alcatel 1060D 1,749/- taka
Alcatel 1041D 1,699/- taka
Alcatel 1011D 1,249/- taka

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