Price of iPhone and iPad in Bangladesh [Regular update]

Price last updated on 08 April, 2015

Though my site is always focused on Android it will be like sin if I ignore iPhone on the way. There’s no way to separate iPhone and Android in some context. As my site gets lot of visits from Bangladesh so I’ve decided to introduce some iPhone information for my Bangladeshi visitors. And that is the price. Here in this post I will regularly publish latest iPhone, iPad and other Apple products price. As always my price reflects the best price from various brand shop around Dhaka city. So keep in mind that, there are variations in these prices from market. You can get it cheaper but not pricier. And dont forget that most of the Apple products in Bangladesh have no warranty at all. Starting from 2014 some mobile phone operators and shops are providing warranty with iPhone.

আইফোন আইপ্যাডের বাংলাদেশে দামের পূর্ণাংগ হালনাগাদ তালিকা

iPhone 6 16GB Tk 73,825/- with warranty
iPhone 6 64GB TK 85,000/- with warranty
iPhone 6 128GB TK 95,000/- with warranty
iPhone 6 Plus 16GB Tk 85,200/- with warranty
iPhone 6 Plus 64GB TK 96,000/- with warranty
iPhone 6 Plus 128GB TK 105,000/- with warranty
iPhone 6 16GB Tk 55,000/-
iPhone 6 64GB TK 65,000/-
iPhone 6 128GB TK 75,000/-
iPhone 6 Plus 16GB Tk 65,000/-
iPhone 6 Plus 64GB TK 75,000/-
iPhone 6 Plus 128GB TK 85,000/-
iPhone 5S 16GB Tk 65,000/- with warranty
iPhone 5S 16GB Tk 46,000/-
iPhone 5S 32GB Tk 57,500/-
iPhone 5S 64GB TK 67,500/-
iPhone 5C 16GB Tk 38,000/-
iPhone 5C 32GB Tk 47,000/-
iPhone 5 16GB Tk 35,500/-
iPhone 5 32GB Tk 40,500/-
iPhone 5 64GB TK 45,000/-
iPhone 4S 8GB TK 33,000/-
iPhone 4S 16GB TK 35,000/-
iPhone 4 8GB Tk 25,000/-
iPhone 4 16GB Tk 28,000/-
iPhone 3GS 8GB Tk 22,000/-

iPad Air 2 16GB WiFi 3G TK 65,000/-
iPad Air 2 64GB WiFi 3G TK 75,000/-
iPad Air 2 128GB WiFi 3G TK 85,000/-
iPad Air 16GB WiFi TK 43,900/-
iPad Air 16GB WiFi 3G TK 50,500/-
iPad Air 32GB WiFi TK 51,900/-
iPad Air 32GB WiFi 3G TK 58,900/-
iPad Air 64GB WiFi 3G TK 68,900/-
iPad Air 128GB WiFi 3G TK 78,900/-

iPad Mini 3 16GB WiFi 3G Tk 52,000/-
iPad Mini 3 64GB WiFi 3G Tk 62,000/-
iPad Mini 3 128GB WiFi 3G Tk 71,000/-
iPad Mini 2 16GB WiFi Tk 29,900/-
iPad Mini 2 16GB WiFi 3G Tk 40,900/-
iPad Mini 2 32GB WiFi 3G Tk 50,500/-
iPad Mini 2 64GB WiFi 3G Tk 60,900/-
iPad Mini 2 128GB WiFi 3G Tk 70,900/-

iPad 4 16GB WiFi Tk 44,000/-
iPad 4 16GB WiFi+3G Tk 53,000/-
iPad 4 32GB WiFi+3G Tk 61,000/-
iPad 4 64GB WiFi+3G Tk 68,500/-
iPad 4 128GB WiFi+3G Tk 78,000/-
iPad 3 16GB WiFi+3G Tk 48,000/-

iPad Mini 16GB WiFi Tk 30,000/-
iPad Mini 16GB WiFi+3G Tk 40,500/-
iPad Mini 32GB WiFi+3G Tk 48,500/-
iPad Mini 64GB WiFi+3G Tk 56,000/-

iPod touch 5G 16GB Tk 20,900/-
iPod touch 5G 32GB Tk 25,900/-
iPod touch 5G 64GB Tk 29,900/-
iPod touch 4G 16GB Tk 19,900/-
iPod Nano 7G 16GB Tk 15,500/-
iPod Shuffle 2GB Tk 5,500/-
iPod Shuffle 2GB Tk 6,500/- with warranty

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