Price of all Nokia Lumia Phones in Bangladesh

Price Last Updated on: 12 September, 2014

Nokia continues to develop quality devices, embedded with stellar camera features and infused with Windows exemplary software. The technology, in the midst of Samsung and Apple, is still a work in progress, but the company is on the right track. Nokia has developed a dedicated following of customers with their expansive phone selections and ever growing tablets. The impressive line of Nokia Lumia phones and tablets continue to produce dominating specs that seem to fall behind the spotlight of Apple and Samsung. The partnership between Nokia and Microsoft rose to a merger that has developed quality items with tech specs that continue to impress. To steal a piece of the Apple spotlight is a mighty feat, but Nokia is a doing an excellent job of making its presence known. The company is doing amazing things.

As Windows Phone-based Lumia devices are still too expensive to appeal to a broad swathe of consumers in developing countries, Nokia introduced their new cheap line of devices, Asha. Nokia hopes to change the low end of the market with the introduction of the Asha series phones. All the Asha phones use an updated version of the user interface than Java one. But their is some confusion in the naming of Asha phones and other multimedia phones. Lets say as example that Nokia 515 is a non Asha phone where Nokia 501, 502 and 503 all are Asha phones. So before buying you have to be sure that you really wants and what are you buying!

Beside Asha Nokia also produces some of its allrounder tough phone till now. They are always the best in class what they are meant to do.

Here in this post i am compiling all the available Nokia phones price so that you can find it easier to choose the device best for you. But price may change time to time depends on various factors. Also don't forget to see about the warranty information, its also one big factor for price difference in different stores.

Best low budget Nokia lumia price

Android X Series (With Warranty)
Nokia XL Tk 13,900/-
Nokia X2 Tk 12,500/-
Nokia X Tk 8,900/-

Lumia Series (With Warranty)
Nokia Lumia 1520 Tk 59,000/-
Nokia Lumia 1020 Tk 52,000/-
Nokia Lumia 920 Tk 46,850/-
Nokia Lumia 925 Tk 34,500/-
Nokia Lumia 820 Tk 32,700/-
Nokia Lumia 1320 Tk 26,500/-
Nokia Lumia 720 Tk 23,999/-
Nokia Lumia 625 Tk 19,999/-
Nokia Lumia 620 Tk 18,500/-
Nokia Lumia 630 Tk 13,990/-
Nokia Lumia 525 Tk 12,500/-
Nokia Lumia 520 Tk 12,500/-
Nokia Lumia 530 Tk 9,900/-

Asha Series Phones (With Warranty)
Nokia Asha 303 Tk 12,300/-
Nokia Asha 311 Tk 10,150/-
Nokia Asha 302 Tk 9,999/-
Nokia Asha 300 Tk 8,999/-
Nokia Asha 502 Dual-SIM Tk 7,800/-
Nokia Asha 310 Dual-SIM Tk 7,300/-
Nokia Asha 308 Dual-SIM Tk 7,100/-
Nokia Asha 501 Dual-SIM Tk 7,100/-
Nokia Asha 301 Dual-SIM Tk 6,999/-
Nokia Asha 309 Tk 6,900/-
Nokia Asha 200 Dual-SIM Tk 6,750/-
Nokia Asha 202 Dual-SIM Tk 6,600/-
Nokia Asha 210 Dual-SIM Tk 5,999/-
Nokia Asha 305 Dual-SIM Tk 5,900/-
Nokia Asha 208 Dual-SIM Tk 5,900/-
Nokia Asha 306 Tk 5,600/-
Nokia Asha 205 Dual-SIM Tk 5,300/-
Nokia Asha 230 Tk 4,999/-
Nokia Asha 206 Dual-SIM Tk 4,999/-

Other Nokia Phones (With Warranty)
Nokia N9 Tk 52,000/-
Nokia 808 PureView Tk 51,000/-
Nokia 701 Tk 33,080/-
Nokia 515 Dual-SIM Tk 12,500/-
Nokia C2-06 Dual-SIM Tk 9,750/-
Nokia C2-03 Dual-SIM Tk 7,200/-
Nokia C2-01 Tk 6,150/-
Nokia X2-05 Tk 6,000/-
Nokia X2-02 Dual-SIM Tk 5,900/-
Nokia 208 Dual-SIM Tk 5,900/-
Nokia C2-05 Tk 5,300/-
Nokia C2 Dual-SIM Tk 5,220/-
Nokia 112 Dual-SIM Tk 3,599/-
Nokia 110 Dual-SIM Tk 2,995/-
Nokia 108 Dual-SIM Tk 2,295/-
Nokia 101 Dual-SIM Tk 1,999/-
Nokia 107 Dual-SIM Tk 1,995/-
Nokia 100 Tk 1,850/-
Nokia 105 Tk 1,550/-
Nokia 103 Tk 1,500/-

Nokia Phones without warranty
Nokia Lumia 1520 Tk 45,900/-
Nokia Lumia 1020 Tk 45,800/-
Nokia 808 PureView Tk 36,000/-
Nokia Lumia 925 Tk 28,400/-
Nokia Lumia 1320 Tk 25,900/-
Nokia Lumia 920 Tk 24,500/-
Nokia Lumia 720 Tk 19,300/-
Nokia Lumia 820 TK 19,200/-
Nokia Lumia 800 Tk 18,900/-
Nokia Lumia 625 Tk 17,500/-
Nokia Lumia 620 Tk 14,900/-
Nokia Lumia 520 Tk 11,500/-

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