Dual-core LG Optimus 2X Power Reflects In Android Quadrant Benchmark

First ever dual core Tegra 2 processor powered LG Optimus 2X already catches the eye LG Optimus 2x price in ukof world community because of its extreme next level mobile computing power. Android 2.2 froyo running LG super phone power breaks the previous performance record under Android Quadrant benchmark. And now you can be sure that this LG Optimus 2X is right on the track as LG says.

The Quadrant software used for this benchmark test isn’t still up-to-date with the dual-core processor power. It recognized the dual-core processor only as single-core. Despite this LG Optimus 2X, which is running Android Froyo 2.2, break all the available single-core competition, scoring the mind-blowing 2391 points. It is almost double than today's smart phones.
Beside this Motorola Droid Bionic also hit almost same benchmark scores (2284) as LG Optimus 2X did. And this the clear indication about future mobile computing. We can now expect that this is the general performance level you should expect from the Nvidia Tegra 2 platform on other devices as well with built in GPU.

It is expected to release LG optimus 2X in this January. If you are interested to buy your Powerful LG dual-core phone then you can preorder it now. Your money will not be wasted- Be sure about that! LG Optimus 2X preorder price is £499.99/$794 (about 602 euro) on UK retailer Expansys. They will deliver it on 21 February 2011.


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