New Samsung Galaxy S App Adds Wireless Sync Via PC Browser

If you have not any data cable for your Android Samsung Galaxy S then don’t worry now. Now you will able to upload and download your music, pictures and videos wirelessly. Samsung has recently released a new component to their desktop Kies software in the Samsung Apps store for the Galaxy S i9000 and Galaxy S500.

You can easily update your phone wirelessly with Kies Air, select the ring tone and set it within the browser and view your call logs, Videos, Photos, Bookmarks, IM's. Kies Air allows your Windows PC running Kies to sync wirelessly with your Galaxy S handset provided they are both on the same Wi-Fi network. It even allow you to send SMS messages from the comfort of your home computer.
samsung galaxy s app kies air download
how to send data using kies air on samsung galaxy s
Kies is a free download for PC only. Go to applications icon on your phone, select Samsung Apps, select Kies Air and download and install. Kies Air will load a number of modules. Then it will ask you to type in your Wi-Fi's address and sub-mask i.e. in your PCs browser and the Kies will then display on the screen.

In order to use this app please ensure your browser is set accordingly Tools/Internet Options/Connections/LAN settings and ensure Proxy settings are unchecked. And unfortunately MAC PC version of Kies Air is not released so far.

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