T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant Gets Android 2.2 Firmware Upgrade, Enables USB/Wi-Fi Tethering

Samsung made T-Mobile Vibrant (Also known as Samsung Galaxy S Variant) is being waiting for a long time for the Android 2.2 froyo update. And now in 2011 they finally get Samsung vibrant android 2.2 firmware upgradeit. T-Mobile releases Android 2.2 froyo update for their Samsung Vibrant users while the present version is Android 2.1 éclair. The Samsung Vibrant 2.2 update build number is T959UVKA6 (also known as KA6). If you are still using build T959UVJFD (aka JFD), it is suggest that you upgrade using this process for various software enhancements. This update will give you USB and Wi-Fi tethering capability to your Android running phone. This Android 2.2 update also comes with Wi-Fi calling feature other expected software and performance enhancements tweaks.

This Samsung Vibrant Android firmware upgrade will be installed by connecting your Vibrant to a PC using Samsung Kies Mini software. Over-The-Air T-mobile vibrant upgrade is not available.

So it will be wise for you if you make your Android 2.2 firmware upgrade decision as soon as possible. It definitely makes you Samsung Vibrant Faster.
In the meantime T-mobile will give you Samsung Vibrant free os cost if you sign a two year deal with them. Details here.

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