Why Should I Buy Android Phone Instead of Apple iPhone?

If you are going to buy a new smart phone for yourself then one question must be android better than iphone?answered clearly. Should you buy a iPhone? Or go for Google Android running phones? iPhone 1st hit the market in 2007 and made revolution on the global mobile market. It soon became the standard of high end mobile life. But in 2008 Google made Android OS based phone hits the market and soon attracts people more than iPhone for its versatility. So its become very hard for people to decide whether they buy iPhone or not. So today I am here to share some point of Android phone and iPhone. Consider these points when you are going to buy a new phone.

Android running phones are many advantages compare to Apple iPhone. Such as-
  • You have more choices of phone in Android. Lots of brand with so many features in every price range
  • Expandable memory card slot in all Android running phones
  • You can remove your Android phone battery
  • You can customize Android phone according to your wish- such as live wallpapers, back grounds
  • Android phones have better processing power than iPhone
  • Bluetooth transfer facility
  • You can get free Google GPS navigation with any Android phone 
  • Widgets support
  • More than 100,000 apps in Android market
  • No antenna reception problem like iPhone 4
iphone androidNow take a look to the disadvantages of iPhone. Hopefully you will not face these problem in any Android phones.-
  • You can’t take out the battery  of your iPhone
  • No removable memory card option on iPhone
  • Only Apple-approved apps run on iPhone
  • Absence of true multi-tasking feature like Android before iOS 4.2
  • You can’t customize your iPhone, even no ring back tones
  • No flash player support on iphone 
  • You can’t install apps from your computer, You must go to iTunes store for install a app on iPhone
  • No widgets support
  • No free GPS navigation for iphone users
  • No free wireless music downloads
  • No refunds for paid apps on iTunes
  • All file syncing must be done through iTunes including your pictures, data and music
  • iPhone’s Camera is not good as Android phones, even no flash
  • No standard USB cable in iPhones like all other phones, you must carry Apple cable all the time
  • New iPhone 4 has horrible antenna problem
  • For any kind of software update Apple is the only source
Now my personal opinion for you. All the major mobile phone manufacturers make Android phones like- Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Sony Ericsson. So you have a greater field of choice. So go for Android. Because its Google and its open source.

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