Android Apps Market is Now Available in Internet From Your PC

At the beginning of February 2011 Google Android Press announced very good news for the Android phone users. It is not directly related with your phone but it can changes your style of using Android apps a lot. Google launches new online-accessible Android Market website to begin a brand new way of how apps are going to purchase.

By introducing computer browser based Android apps market Google is getting up to speed with Apple's own AppStore. Every Android users around the world now browse and search for great android apps right from web browser. The idea behind the new Android Market website is to allow people to browse apps from anywhere and not be limited only to the Market app on their phones.

download best android apps from pc
The entire Android market is available online from now. You can now purchase your desired Android apps easier than ever. After an app is purchased or free downloaded within seconds your phone would automatically start the download process. You can send apps directly to your Android device. It’s make the installation process far better than Apple AppStore.

It is now also possible to see all the apps you have purchased or downloaded from Android Market via your account. Simply sign in to the website with your Google account and click “My Market Account”.

New Google Android Market is waiting for you right here.
Source: Official Google Blog

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