HTC Thunderbolt Contract Free Best Buy Retail Price is $749.99

A leaked internal image from Best Buy computer shows us that they will ready to sell HTC Thunderbolt from 14 February 2011 at the price of $749.99. And this is the contract free price of HTC Thunderbolt. However, Best Buy also mentions that this is the average retail price of HTC Thunderbolt. So you might be hopeful for a cheaper price. The image also mentions that Best Buy cost for HTC Thunderbolt is $385. In addition, Best Buy employee will buy HTC thunderbolt in an amazing cheap rate of $ thunderbolt best buy price
best htc thunderbolt verizon price
Until now, US Verizon doesn’t announce their CDMA HTC 4G smartphone price, so we can’t able to comment about the price. May be over $700 margin is the standard price for 4G handset in contract free mode. However, we may wait for 2-year contract announcement for the 4G smart phone from the top mobile operators.

Update: Recent ad leak from a newspaper shows that HTC Thunderbolt 4G price is $249.99. And we guess it is the contract price. And there is a possibility that you need to purchase at least 1 month of data before Verizon can unlock WiFi functionality on your Thunderbolt.

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