Samsung Galaxy S 4G Is the Fastest 4G Phone in US

There are long going conversations going on about the true speed of 4G mobile phones. Because all the specs seem confusing for the people. MSNBC recently tested all the current and upcoming Android 4G phones in US and make an assessment. MSNBC used the Speedtest app and a number of locations for all the devices, with the peak speed attained for each device recorded. Average peak speeds were also noted.
4G android phone speed test
And now we can see that Samsung Galaxy S 4G from T-Mobile is the fastest 4G phone in US. The Samsung Galaxy S 4G emerged with an average peak download speed of 7.81Mbps. AT&T’s HTC Inspire 4G came in last, but the EVO Shift 4G made a valiant effort to claim the bottom spot.

The carriers all promise different speeds as well, with Sprint and AT&T saying their subscribers can expect speeds of up to 6Mbps, with T-Mobile offering 14.4Mbps. The Galaxy S 4G is claimed to attain 21Mbps on paper. When Verizon brings out compatible hardware, it will attain speeds between 5 and 12Mbps.

Two of the T-Mobile phones performed best, with the Galaxy S 4G putting up a 10.34Mbps peak number and a 7.81Mbps average. The myTouch 4G was behind, at 6.18 and 4.71Mbps, respectively. The three other handsets were far behind T-Mobile but relatively close to one another. While the iPhone 4 on 3G networks shows a great fight against 4G phones.
unlocked samsung galaxy s 4g t-mobile price
Congratulation to T-Mobile network and Samsung Galaxy S 4G! T-Mobile will sell Samsung Galaxy S 4G on this February for $148.88 with a two years service agreement. And Walmart mention that contract free Samsung Galaxy S 4G price in US will be $650. That’s not bad.

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