All LG Optimus Android Phones Must Receive 1 Major Firmware Upgrade

While Android based smart phone are gaining market access over the iPhone or blackberry it’s very important for the mobile phone manufacturers to keep them up to date Google’s pace. And LG officially announces that they are right on track for LG Optimus handsets. Director of global communication of LG, Kenneth Hong says it in an interview that "expectation is to be able to offer at minimum a one-level upgrade for all Optimus smartphones introduced by LG in 2011 and beyond."

lg optimus android firmware upgradeThis is very good news for Android phone lovers. It means if your current phone is Android 2.2 froyo then you will get Android 2.3 gingerbread on it. If you buy a LG phone soon with Android 2.3 then Android next version (Ice cream) will be knocking you door.

Now two bad news. We don’t have any idea when these update is scheduled to release. And it is only applicable for carrier free unlocked LG optimus phones. If you buy LG Optimus phones in contract then you will rely on your operator for your Phone’s firmware upgrade.

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