Android is the no. 1 Mobile OS in the US

Google made Open Source mobile OS Android takes only two and half years to be the most widely used operating system in the USA. By obtaining 31.2% market Android defeats BlackBerry OS (30.4%) and iOS from Apple (24.7). According to a latest market research report by comScore, Google's Android operating system now is the most popular smartphone platform in the United States.

1st Android running mobile phone was T-Mobile G1, released back in 2008. The main reason google android vs apple ios vs blackberry share in usbehind Android’s success is the variety of Android running mobile phones. Almost all the World’s top mobile phone manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony Ericsson, Motorola make Android devices. According to January assessment, there were 74 smartphones for sale running Google's operating system, said Mark Donovan, a senior analyst at comScore. A Google spokesman said there are 170 Android devices in total. But Apple released only 4 different mobile phones in last four years. BlackBerry is larger in number but nowhere near Google. Android has models on every major U.S. wireless network and on some of the smaller carriers that offer prepaid plans.

So the main thing is people want variation, they loves to choose their dream phone by choosing. That’s where Apple are losing market. Same opinion goes for BlackBerry Too. Then the matter of price comes. Android offers choices here, too. Some Android phones cost a few hundred dollars. Others are free with a contract. It means consumers can pick exactly what they want instead of going with the one-iPhone-fits-all approach.

So I personally think that Android will grow faster in the next few years not only in US but also in rest of the world. And Apple must do something different to beat them. Nokia already signs deal with Microsoft to protect their future product.

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