Buy HTC Droid Thunderbolt at $249.99 on Best Buy until March 20

1GHz Scorpion processor CPU and Android 2.2 powered 4G HTC Droid Thunderbolt price is normally $300 if you are signing a two years contract with Verizon Wireless. Best offers a cheaper deal if you want to buy HTC Thunderbolt from their shop. They will give you this 4G mobile phone no $249.99 if you are going to their stores before March 20. They are not telling the exact date of their offer so may be do it fast if you would like to pay less for this exclusive Android mobile phone in US.

cheap htc thunderbolt 4gcontract price in usThis HTC made Thunderbolt(Also known as HTC Incredible HD) is the 1st 4G LTE capable hand set in Verizon network. To order your desired HTC Thunderbolt 4G from Best Buy and compare it with other Verizon Wireless plans check out Best Buy store now.

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