iPad 2 Price Might Forces Samsung to Reduce Galaxy Tab 10.1 Price

Samsung announced their Android 3.0 Honeycomb running 10.1’’ display tablet, Galaxy Tab 10.1 back in February 2011. However, they are yet to announce its price and global availability date. But we assume that they are going to price it higher than original Galaxy Tab released last year with 7.0’’ screen. But now it seems that Apple hits Samsung so hard with iPad 2 hardware and especially price. Samsung I think could not imagine Apple will able to sell such an improved tablet at this kind of cheap rate. Even the thickness also hit Samsung.
apple ipad 2 vs galaxy tab
samsung galaxy tab 10.1 price is higher than ipad 2
So according to many sources after the interview of Samsung’s Mobile executive vice-president Lee Don-Joo Samsung will certainly need to improve their Galaxy Tab design and price. Whether improvement in design may come in future tablets by Samsung. But we are sure that they are thinking about Galaxy Tab 10.1 price seriously now. Because Samsung realize that after the iPad 2 announcement by Steve Jobs it is impossible to sell Galaxy Tab 10.1 at any higher prices than iPad 2. They must reduce Galaxy Tab 10.1 price even before its release! That’s good for us. So we are expecting a reasonable price for Galaxy Tab 10.1 around $500-600.

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