Vodafone AU HTC Legend Users Get Android 2.2 Froyo Update Via OTA

Vodafone users in Australia are started to get Android 2.2 froyo firmware upgrade on thei HTC Legend mobile phone from this morning. Vodafone back in January said that they would release this froyo update in February. But they make one month delay to release it due to some reason. This Android 2.2 update is available Over the Air to HTC Legend. Vodafone says that all the device owners receive a notification on their handset. The update is headed across the 3G (or Wi-Fi) radio waves to your device.
htc legend firmware upgrade on vodafoneVodafone suggest you only download this update if you have full 3G HSPA signal, and seeing as that appears to be a rarity for some. So you might be need to go to your closest Wi-Fi network and download the 85MB update there. Wi-Fi is the best solution to download update on your HTC Legend.

Major Changes in Android 2.2 froyo firmware of HTC Legend-

  • Adds a new refined Google search tool to your home screen saving time and data usage.
  • You can use your device as a Wi-Fi Hot Spot.
  • You can use your device as a flashlight.
  • You can recommend apps from your phone to friends.
  • Change language settings on your device on the fly.
  • Easier SMS functions to improve your experience.


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