How to Unlock Your Android Phone

Most of the Android mobile phones in US and UK are locked by the carrier itself in order to charge you for using their network all the time. So if you want to use another SIM on your Android phone or use it in a different country then you have to unlock your mobile phone first. It is a very simple process to unlock your carrier locked Android phone compared with Apple iPhone.

how to unlock android mobile phoneYou just need two things to unlock your Android mobile phone- An unlock code and the SIM card you decided to use. Let’s talk about unlock code. If you are the T-Mobile user then you can ask for a free unlock code from it. But if you are not the user of T-Mobile, then you have to buy the unlock code and press Settings> About Phone > Status by using IMEI number.

After having your code you should turn your DROID mobile off. After that you can remove the back cover, the battery and change the SIM card in the phone with the second SIM card. Insert the battery and back cover and turn on your Android phone. After turning your phone on, the screen will show you an unlock code for the second SSIM and then enter it. The unlock process is completed. Enjoy any SIM on your new born Android set.

If you want to learn all the tricks about how to unlock your phone if you forget your phone's password or pattern lock then check this guide. But be careful to unlock your phone. Because in some case it might void your mobile handset warranty. Moreover, unlocking can cause unintended consequences, for example, your data speed becomes slower. So be 100 sure about what you are going to do with your Android mobile phone.

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