Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play Review: Disadvantages at a Glance

It is hard job to write download the drawbacks list of a device which is still single in number. I mean Sony Ericsson XPERIA play is the only mobile phone that’s have a gaming control button built-in for real gaming experience in a mobile phone platform. All the present high-end mobile phones have simple games optimized for touchscreen input, usually with just one or two controls. But some want more compelling games and those require more elaborate controls.

The XPERIA Play is the first phone in recent years that has the proper hardware controls. You must appreciate the familiar feeling and design of the gaming buttons. And games from the original PlayStation for one, with PlayStation 2 titles coming in the near future makes the situation more favorable to XPERIA Play. The PlayStation Pocket game store comes with 50 games at launch optimized for the Play. Read the full XPERIA Play games list from here.

So I have to very precise to write about its lacking. I am going thoroughly over the phone specification list and find something missing things in Sony XPERIA Play phone. Let’s share those things with you.
  1. At first you must consider what you want. A phone or a gaming device? If you need a gaming device than PSP is the best solution. If you need a phone then other droids are much better than XPERIA Play. If you need both then Play phone is the only solution for you!
  2. You cannot feel comfortable with XPERIA Play as a mobile phone. XPERIA Play Phone is a bit big for one-handed use
  3. XPERIA Play uses 1GHz Scorpion processor and Adreno 205 GPU. I wonder why Sony Ericsson forgets to use a dual-core CPU and the best Graphics chip for this gaming phone! It’s a ridiculous decision. May be it is marketing policy? To force you to buy a new PlayStation phone six months later with greater hardware.
  4. 16M color LED-backlit LCD display is ok for straight forward use but is has relatively poor viewing angles.
  5. Only WVGA resolution video recording in 5 megapixel camera. We expect at least 720p HD video recording.
  6. No shutter key or camera lens protector.
  7. Does not support video calling over 3G network.
  8. Heavy weight fighter for your pocket with 175 grams.
Otherwise it is a great gaming phone available in the market. You can buy it factory unlocked from amazon as low as $275 now with international warranty.
drawbacks of sony ericsson xperia play android phone

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