New Android Update Policy Gives Users 18 Months of Joy

At Google I/O one of the major talking points was Android OS update policy. It seems that updating an Android device is much more important than anyone thinks earlier. So Google announced the forming of a founding team, which will adopt guidelines for how quickly devices are updated after an Android update and also for how long they will continue to be updated. From now all Android device owners will receive all applicable updates for 1.5 years after purchase.
18 months android device update policy
Google now make agreement with Verizon, HTC, Sprint, LG, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Motorola, AT&T, Sony Ericsson and Samsung to ensure 18 months update policy. Google invites every manufacturer and carrier to join this team. It's good to see all four major US mobile carriers on the list. As a result, new devices from all these members of this alliance will receive the latest Android updates for 18 months after the device has been released, if the hardware allows it. It also ensures faster upgrade procedures through all channels.

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