Radio Shack Pre-orders HTC EVO 3D for $200 for Sprint, $500 for contract Free

A leaked advertisement from HTC informs us that Radio Shack will pre-orders HTC EVO 3D for $200 on a 2 years contract for Sprint US. But the contract free price of this 3D android mobile phone is sweeter to see, only $500. Best Buy also taking the pre order at the same time.
htc evo 3d contract free price
But you must prefer Radio Shack to buy your HCT EVO 3D if you have one HTC EVO 4G or HTC EVO Shift. Because all the current owners of these two Sprint labeled will receive $100 for trading their used handsets, which can be used towards the purchase of the coveted EVO 3D.

But the release date of HTC EVO 3D is still remains as a mystery.

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