Samsung Galaxy S II coming to US, AT&T-Verizon-Sprint Are on the Go

Samsung Galaxy S handsets were giving users a hard time to recognize because all the major US mobile carriers get its own branded copy from Samsung to sell. Galaxy S was segmented and each came with slightly different physical attributes and even nuances in hardware. AT&T had the Samsung Captivate, Verizon the Fascinate, Sprint the Epic 4G and T-Mobile the Vibrant. Now a black silicone gel case's information posted over at an online retailer, Wireless Xcessories Group revealed that it can easily fit not one, but three different Galaxy S II handsets.

AT&T will supposedly get the Samsung Galaxy S 2 Attain, Verizon the Samsung Galaxy S 2 Function, and Sprint the Samsung Galaxy S 2 Within. This time T-Mobile is absent on the list. It might meaning that it will either not get the handset altogether, or carry a modified version like original Galaxy S. All three of these variants will look very similar to one another and probably to the international Galaxy S 2 as galaxy s ii at&t deal

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