Tweet with Brothersoft, Win Great Prizes

Win prizes fron brothersoft twitterBusy with your Twitter? Give me one moment, I have something to tell. Twittering will now give you prizes if you follow the great activities of popular free software download site, Brothersoft. They organizes a activity contest from May 24th to June 3rd on People’s Twitter activities. To win the prizes you just need to follow them at twitter, retweets their activity tweet news on twitter and reply the tweet. You can also add the link of your favorite software on By simply doing this you will have the chance to get the limited edition t-shirts with logo sign and the serial code of the paid popular software. I want to have these serial codes, will you follow me?

Let me tell you one last thing. It will not be the case where are you from, everyone will have the equal chance to win the prize. You will be eligible for the price if you just join with Brothersoft @Twitter. To know more details check Brothersoft blog now and follow them on twitter.

All the Android mobile phone owners are welcomed to visit Brothersoft free Android software, apps and games page now. Download Android apps from there and share those. This will also help you to win!

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