1 GHz CPU on a Series 40 Nokia Handset- Sounds Too Good!

We can see the Android affect on Nokia clearly. Surely they are miles behind Smartphone market now. So they are now trying to make there emerging market position powerful. Nokia’s Manager of Marketing Service in Argentina told us via Twitter that a Series 40 cell phone is coming soon with 1 GHz CPU. I just wonder what will a cellphone of that type do with a 1 GHz CPU, no matter how cheaper it are! Is it just another marketing trick?
upcoming nokia s40 phone release date
Other specifications of the phone are- 512MB RAM, ClearBlack touchscreen, QWERTY keyboard, Wi-Fi, 3G, HSDPA etc. As I remember Series 40 phones don’t have a display bigger than 240 X 320 pixels. It is expected that we will hear something in Nokia Connection 2011 scheduled to be held in Singapore next week.

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