Apple Offers Carrier Unlocked iPhone 4 in Stores, $649 for 16GB

I know this is not an Android mobile news but it is somehow connected with Android. Apple starts selling completely carrier unlocked iPhone 4 in US Apple stores from now. But I think it will be a great news for the worldwide users of iPhone 4. Because in many countries people used US iPhone 4 by unlocking but it causes many problems too. So they will be very happy to grab this unlocked iPhone 4.
apple offers unlocked iphone 4
Apple offers both 16Gb and 32GB iPhone4 models. The 16GB model is available for $649 and the 32GB model is available for $749. iPhone 4 is only supports micro-SIM card. So you have to remember it when you buy it. If your new carrier don’t have micro-SIM option then you can see the video to know how to make a micro-SIM from normal SIM card. To buy unlocked iPhone 4 please visit Apple onlione store now.


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