Asus Made Nvidia Powered 13-inches Android Laptop?

Google Chrome OS running netbooks are failed to impress the world so far. But something new is going on. DigiTimes published something very interesting. It’s a laptop. It has quad-core processor, 13-inches monitor. But the story one begins there. As we heard this new laptop runs Google mobile OS Android! DigiTimes mentions a quad-core ARM SOCs CPU inside, which is one of the nearest to release is NVIDIA's Kal-El.
android running laptop rumor
As we know so far Kal-El’s quad-core Nvidia processor is scheduled for august release. And the fact is that this chip has already figured in an ultraslim Windows 8 prototype laptop. DigiTimes also points out that multiple vendors are gunning to offer ARM-powered notebooks with sub-$299 price now.

I don’t imagine what will come next! Just 2 days ago I heard about Samsung solar powered netbook.

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