Wanna Use Android on Your iPhone 4? Chinese Gooapple is for You

I am sure that many you dream about an Android running phone under Apple hood. But we know that’s almost impossible in this part of the world. But there is place on the earth where nothing is impossible. I am talking about China. A China-based technology company, Gooapple is successfully makes an iPhone 4 which runs Android 2.2 froyo inside. They spent almost one year to make it possible.

The Gooapple G22 smartphone is 9.3mm thick, runs Android 2.2 and its dual core CPU. Which means it is capable of running 3D games. It has a 3.5 inch high definition screen, cameras both front and back. G22 has both 3G and Wi-Fi with Hotspot capability. 
android iphone 4 specs
In China demand of Apple iPhone is higher than the supply. And most of the people are not capable of buying a iPhone. Gooapple G22 is the best solution for them. Because price of this Android Apple phone is only 1000 RMB, which equates to roughly £100.

I am curious about one thing. Is Gooapple G22 also faces death grip or antenna issue? If not then Apple should take a look how china make there iPhone 4.

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