Android Grew by 634% in UK Since May 2010

According to the latest mobile phone share of UK posted by comScore, Android is continuing with its plans of world domination at unbelievable rate. Android has rapidly grown its user base adding nearly 4.7 million new users over the past year, equaling a 634 percent rise. In May 2011, Android was only 0.4 percentage points short of being level with the leading smartphone platform Apple.

In comparison, iOS market share grew by only 46 percent. Apple has overtaken Symbian over the past year to become the top smartphone platform in the UK with 27.1 percent market share, followed by Google’s Android with 26.7 percent market share and Symbian with 22.5 percent. Symbian and Microsoft market shares fell by 10 and 32 percent respectively. RIM also showed a positive growth of 59%.
smartphone present market share
Number of smartphone users is also increased 15% over the year. In May 2011, 42 percent of UK mobile consumers used a smartphone compared to only 27 percent a year ago.

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