Apple Filed New Lawsuit against HTC Androids

HTC after suing Samsung and Amazon, Apple has filed another lawsuit against the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC. Apple now indicating dozen of Android running mobile phone and Flyer tablet. Apple is aiming to block the sales of those Android devices it claims are infringing on Apple’s patents. Sales of HTC phones are huge in last 2 years. In April 2011, the company's market value surpassed that of Nokia to become the third largest smartphone maker in the world, only behind Apple and Samsung, which make it to become the biggest rival of Apple. So it is clear that because of the fear to Android, and as the biggest Android smartphone manufacturer Apple is doing this to protect their US market.

The patents in question are the same ones that are used in another complaint against Samsung – patents for scrolling operations, programmable tactile touch-screen displays, a double-sided touch-sensitive panel, a patent for scrolling, zooming and rotating content on a screen, and one that concerns portable computers. While all the today's mobile phone have all these functions. Is there any other way to do so? In Apple’s mind, the rivals’ devices are much better than the iPhone, especially Samsung’s Galaxy II smartphone and HTC’s Sensation, plus their tablets are good enough to make a huge impact to Apple’s iPad 2. Due to its fears for HTC and Android, Apple is now going after everybody, it sure sounds like it wants to be the only smartphone manufacturer left standing when the dust settles.
what is the effect of apple patent lawsuit
Apple is not shy about dragging its competitors before the ITC over patent disputes again and again. It would be an absolute shame if the strongest competitor to the iPhone was barred from the U.S. for having some OS similarities. People would rather see Apple win the mobile war by offering a better product, not a better legal strategy. But i think it is not possible to block Android in US or other place. Because people love it!
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