Galaxy Tab 10.1 clear to ship in EU, Germany sealed yet

Good news for Samsung and every European Galaxy Tab lovers. The German court has lifted the ban on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 shipments for the rest of the European counties. So Samsung is now free to resume the shipments of the slate through the rest of Europe.

Previously, Apple got a preliminary injunction, which banned the shipping of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the EU by German court (except for Netherlands). Apple then has filed another lawsuit in the Netherlands with a broader reach so it was excluded from their previous court request. The hearing there will be held in mid-September, while the one in the German court will take place on 25 August.
samsung galaxy tab 10.1 uk price and release date
The reason why the German court change its mind so quickly is that someone at the court realized that they don't have the competence to issue EU-wide bans on a company that's not registered in Germany. That's why the German branch of Samsung is still prevented from shipping any Galaxy Tab 10.1 units. But the rule isn't applicable for main Samsung.

So how come they realized they are not competent of making such decision after announcing it. OK, it turns out that the German translation of the EU regulation is quite misleading and ambiguous, which led to the confusion, but certainly they could have tried to clarify it in advance.

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