Quad-core Meizu MX Android Mobile is Heading for China in September

I am sure that as a smartphone maker ‘Meizu MX’ is a unfamiliar name for you. They are a Chinese mobile phone maker. Today they announced something very unique and powerful. Meizu MX CEO Jack Wong today mentioned on his forum that his upcoming 4-inch Android phone will be launching in China at the end of September. It means meaning we won't have to wait till the end of the year for a quad-core mobile phone. He wrote that there will be two MX variants: the 16GB version comes with a dual-core chip, while the 32GB version will sport a quad-core processor.
quad core meizu mx phone benchmark test
But guys from Engadget are not sure which quad core chip comes with the MX next month. We are already aware about that Qualcomm and ARM aren't expecting quad core chips until 2012 the earliest. NVIDIA's Kal-El is due to debut in tablets only this month. The Meizu MX will have a removable back cover, though it'll now sport a micro-USB port instead of the aging mini-USB socket. There are some MX patent drawings found.

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