Samsung changes their Galaxy series device making system for 2011, Makes it easier to understand

I am always questioning myself about the meaningless naming system of different companies. They are suing prefix-lots of numbers-suffix but won’t make any senses for 99.9% of the people. Last month Nokia revised there naming system and make it so simple to understand you by only hearing the model number. Now it is Samsung’s turn.

The fundamental name changes are as follows based on variations amongst the 'Wave', 'Omnia' and 'Galaxy' category devices. Each set of devices will be subject to grading, with the letters,'S', 'R', 'W', 'M' and 'Y'. The 'S' class being Samsung's crème de la crème, pretty much in line with how we see it now, any 'S' phone will effectively qualify as a flagship or the top device available within that category of device.
what is the meaning of my mobile phone model number
It's important to add at this stage that each class of devices is also intended for a different price bracket and as a means of remembering the classes you can see which ones are likely to fetch more by words relating to the letter.

What that breaks down as is that after the 'S' class, comes the 'R' class, expected to be associated with words like 'Royal' or 'Refined', prices for devices in the range would be between $400 and $600. 'W' ties to the word 'Wonder' and fits the more middle of the road devices with prices between $275 and $400. Then we hit 'M', which stands for 'Magical', these mid-tier devices will retail between $175 and $275, and the final category is of course 'Y', which you should think of as 'young-minded'. These will be the entry level smartphones coming below $175 mark.
The system also has one more set of variables to add to the mix, but stick with us. These new letters will sometimes be followed by the words 'Plus', 'Pro' or 'LTE'. 'Plus', as seen on the Galaxy S Plus, would promise enhanced attributes compared to it predecessor, or similar devices in it's class, but not enough to qualify for a device all their own.

The 'pro' devices, much like Sony Ericsson handsets, will guarantee the presence of a hardware keyboard, and the final extension is 'LTE', fairly self-explanatory with any devices following this convention, able to work on the 4G network.

I love the system. I think you too. No matter what the country is, naming system is same for everyone. Post your thoughts after the break.

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