Verizon rolling out HTC Droid Incredible OTA Gingerbread update

Verizon is on the eve of releasing an OTA update of HTC Droid Incredible. And it will make your phone firmware Android 2.3.4. So all the previous rumors are proven false now. Verizon's support website with the changelog and upgrading instructions went live earlier today. The over-the-air push is scheduled to start Tuesday, August 16, with an initial 10,000 updates. Another 50,000 will get it on Wednesday, and everybody else on Friday.
download verizon htc droid incredible gingerbread update
Along with Gingerbread on your HTC Droid Incredible following bugs are fixed-
  • MMS messages will now send correctly
  • Properly save audio files from MMS messages
  • Successfully play audio from MMS messages
  • Internet connection via Bluetooth now enabled
  • VZ Navigator now operates on Wi-fi
  • Change songs in the music widget by tapping the forward button
  • Camera now functions with an SD card inserted
Update: Droid Incredible Gingerbread update delayed
Verizon Employee says-'Everyone, I apologize for the inconvenience, but the update has been delayed. Our product team is going through more testing. Once we know for sure when the update is coming, we will post more info.'

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