4 free Trend Apps for your Android

You know that getting stuff is good, and getting stuff for free is even better. It could be said that there are thousands apps updating everyday and many of new ones born on Android, here belows are couple of top trend free apps for Android, selected by Brothersoft.

01. Inventor Publisher Viewer
Developed by Autodesk Inc.
Current Version: 1.01

Autodesk Inventor Publisher Mobile Viewer allows you to view interactive, animated 3D assembly instructions created with Autodesk Inventor Publisher desktop software. With Inventor Publisher Mobile Viewer, you can have important product information and instructions at your fingertips wherever you go. Users of the desktop version of Inventor Publisher software can easily publish and share interactive 3D instructions with others that have installed the free* Inventor Publisher Mobile Viewer app via Cloud Storage or locally on their own companies’ website, e-mail or intranet.

Together, Inventor Publisher and the Inventor Publisher Mobile Viewer App deliver next generation instructions for visually explaining your ideas, designs, and products. So you can communicate how your products get assembled, used, taken apart, and serviced – or simply what’s great about them; reduce your documentation, service, support and training costs and arm your sales force with 3D to win new business.

Autodesk Inventor Publisher Mobile Viewer comes with a small selection of sample files. To create your own 3D instructions, Autodesk Inventor Publisher desktop software is required. The app features simple intuitive user interface; zoom pan, & rotate in 3D using Multi-Touch; play or scrub through animated sequences of step-by-step instructions; double Tap on individual components for detailed part information; view text descriptions and annotations that can help augment 3D graphics ; includes sample instructions and access to an online gallery of instructions right in the app; create, publish, and deliver instruction files to mobile devices using the Publish to Mobile capability of Autodesk Inventor Publisher desktop PC software and sore files on your device or Cloud Storage.
autodesk inventor app for android smartphone
02. Shop Shavvy QR & Barcode Scanner
Developed by ShopShavvy
Current Version: 4.6.2

The original barcode scanner for Android. Find the best online and local prices. Removed auto complete of addresses from contacts to ensure the privacy that users want. The 4.5.0 version of scanner includes ShopSavvy Wallet. Just add your credit card and you can buy with one 'slide' from top retailers like Walmart, Target, Buy.com and Barnes & Noble.

The original barcode scanner on Android. Aim the camera at any product's barcode, wait for the beep and ShopSavvy will provide you with a list of online and local prices.
Barcode scanner for android mobile
03. Wifi Finder
JiWire Inc.
Current Version: 3.1

Search for free and paid public Wi-Fi when you don't have a connection. Due to popular demand JiWire has made its entire hotspot database available offline and accessible through the app. Never worry again about not finding a Wi-Fi internet connection. With close to 500,000 free and paid Wi-Fi hotspots in over 144 countries, Wi-Fi Finder is simply the best app for finding free or paid public Wi-Fi hotspots online or offline. Now, it's easier than ever to Skype while on the go!

The app can scan for Wi-Fi hotspots around you, it will search for public Wi-Fi anywhere in the world and it works both online and offline. If you prefer certain providers such as Comcast, you'll be able to see which hotspots are served by those providers. You can also filter by location type (restaurant, cafe, hotel, etc). Each Wi-Fi hotspot detail provides you a phone number and directions on how to get there.
free wifi finder app for android
04. Sweet ‘N” Spicy – Indian Recipes
Developed by Adhish Technologies
Current Version 5.1

Sweet'N'Spicy is the largest collection of Indian Foods and Recipes powered by fullmeals.com. We have a total of 4000+ recipes spread across three major categories Vegetarian, Non-Vegetarian to Vegan. We also feature the world’s first Calorie calculation engine for Indian recipes and Cooking.

With Sweet'N'Spicy you can browse through all the categories, sub categories and find recipes in each of them, find the list of ingredients, instructions for each recipe along with previous user comments. You always have the flexibility to find alternate recipes for every recipe incase if you don't like one. You always have the flexibility to find alternate recipes for every recipe incase if you don't like one. You can also search recipes by food name, discover interesting and relevant cooking tips in each recipe, always keep your favorite recipes in My Favorites, rate and review recipes with pictures, add your recipe ideas and share with your friends and find who is the current stars in My Community.

In addition, My Kitchen feature which lets you to find out the matching recipes with the ingredients in hand. Just search for ingredients and add to the basket, you need to have a max of 3 ingredients, click on Search recipes to find out the best match. Recently used ingredients will also be listed for ease of use.how to get indian recipes on my mobile
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