Google adds support for Tablet in new Google Voice app

The Google Voice app just received another update this evening, bumping it to version 4.2.34 and bringing a very desired change- tablet support. We've seen just how easy it is to side load the app onto your tablet, and plenty of folks noticed the way the action bar looks more tablet-like in the update a few days ago, but now it's more official. You can download it from the Android Market right now.

Change log of Google Voice 4.2.34-

  1. Adds tablet support
  2. Does not require data connectivity for making calls to all numbers you previously called
  3. Warns you when no data connectivity before you compose/send text messages
  4. Fix for bug that required to click the voicemail play button twice
  5. Fix for notifications delays for SMS and voicemails

Google vocie app v 4.2.34 for android devices

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