1st gen Google Nexus One can taste Ice Cream Sandwich too

Ice Cream Sandwich is the hot cake in the mobile world for the last few days. Google just unveiled their hybrid mobile-tablet OS just a few days ago. And many people believe that it only runs on the latest Android devices with higher CPU and GPU. But a developer, dr1337md just made you fools. He successfully able to run Android 4.0 ICS on 1st generation HTC made Google Nexus One.
Install ice cream sandwich on google nexus one
The successful Ice Cream Sandwich installation is actually an SDK port and while it may not have everything running buttery smooth, it’s a huge step forward towards bringing Android 4.0 to modern Android devices.

The developer also shoot a video running the Ice Cream Sandwich on Nexus One. So you could see for yourself how this rather outdated phone handles the newest version of the Android OS.


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