All the Droid Tabs holding 26.9% market share in Q3, still long way to go

After getting the number of total Android running tablet in the wild, we are now playing with some other figures. Around 4.5 million droid tabs are sold in Q3, which is 26.9% of total sells. The iPad continues to be the undisputed tablet market leader, selling 66.6% of 16.7 million tablet sells.

In the Q2 Android had a market share of 30.1% and it was looking like it has the potential to challenge the iPad dominance. Now that it has lost some ground, despite the new Android tablets that are seemingly coming out every week, questions will need to be asked. Or maybe Google answered those in advance with the introduction of Ice Cream Sandwich. We will see the difference in Q4.
ipad vs android tablet selling report
Microsoft’s Windows holds 2.4% of the market, while RIM’s QNX run on just 1.2% of the slates shipped. Those two had 4.6% and 3.3% shares in Q2 respectively, so their prospects are looking even worse. What are you thinking? Is Windows 8 a threat for iOS?

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