List of Google made official Apps for Android devices

Android Market is the source of great pleasure for the millions of Android users. Both Apple and Google are greatly dependent on their App Market. Without the best app, your precious mobile or tablet is almost useless. Some apps are pre-installed on every mobile phone or tablet now. We are also familiar with some other great apps through internet or Facebook. But do you know that there are almost 42 Google official android apps in the market? These apps were released officially by Google to give a better and a quality download to the android users. Coolpctips made a list of all available Google official android apps in their blog.

I am now going to share this list to my visitors, hope this will help you a lot to choose better app from Android Market. If you want to download the apps, just go to Android Market and search the app in the market search bar. Or you can go to this link to found all the apps made by Google Inc.
  1. Android Market : This app will give you access to all available android apps in the world with a better and faster way at a single place. You just name it, and you will get it here. The complete source to get your android apps.
  2. Gmail : A well known Google app which allows you to Push, Sync, integrate, search and make conversations with you mail. This official android app can integrate with contacts and android applications easily.
  3. YouTube : The new YouTube app with in-page playback is really useful to experience a new way of enjoying videos. The new beautiful UI design and Personalized home screen video feed are additional features.
  4. Google + : This app is very useful if you are active on Google + network. You can share the right things with the right people any time and anywhere.
  5. Blogger : You can experience your favorite blogging with this official app by Google. The blogging is made very easy in this app with simple navigation and interface.
  6. Google Docs : You can now create, edit, upload and share you documents with the Google Docs app. The app will save your time in finding your docs, easy editing options, you can view your docs, pdf’s and ppt’s. Also you can upload and convert files to Google doc format and many more.
  7. Google Translate : This app can translate text between more than 60 languages. And also you can translate the text by speaking, instead of typing. You can even access your previous history when offline.
  8. Google Earth : You can explore the world with Google Earth. This app will make you fly around the planet with the swipe of a finger. Explore distant lands all over the globe. Search by voice for cities, places and businesses.
  9. Google Maps : Google map will never allow you to carry a paper map. Just download the latest release of Google Maps to get free, voice guided GPS navigation system and find, rate and get recommendation for places. And check latitude to find friends and family.list of official android apps for mobile and tablet
  10. Android Market Security Tool : This app is used to secure your android market. There is always a chance of exploding malicious apps without our notice. So this app will remove all the list of unwanted apps from your vision.
  11. Androidify : We all see a boring green android avatar all over the internet. With this app, you can create your own personalized Android avatar which can be shared with your friends and family.
  12. Car Home : This app will give you quick access to your phone when you are driving. You can turn your phone into personal navigation and infotainment device.
  13. Finance : With this app, you can stream real-time quotes in the stock quote and portfolio application. You can synchronize your Google Finance portfolios and can access to charts and view latest market and company news.
  14. Gesture Search : You can draw gestures on your screen with this app. You can quickly find a contact, bookmark, an application, or a music track on your device. The search results are updated as you add each letter or digit.
  15. Google Apps Device Policy : This app will allow Google apps domain admin to set security policies for your android phone. This device admin tool will allow you to restrict some parts of your device.
  16. Google Apps Lookup : This app allows Google apps for business and Google Apps for education users to find and contact any user in their corporate domain. You can type name or speak name or domain alias, or email addresses and lookup the info.You can even tap to contact the person via mail, chat, phone or open a map of the address.
  17. Google Authenticator : This app is very useful to protect your Google account with verification codes. The app will enable a 2-step verification process to protect your account from hijacking. Also check our article on Protecting Gmail
  18. Google Body : This app has a detailed 3D model of the human body. You can view different anatomical layers, zoom in and navigate to differnet parts of the body. You can search for muscles, organs, bones and many more.
  19. Google Books : You can read over 3 million ebooks in Google Books. You can build your ebooks library and also jump right into a bestseller collection. You can personalize the reader to your liking and relax with a great book on your phone.
  20. Google Chrome to Phone : This app will allow you to send links, maps, phone numbers, and many more from your chrome browser to your phone. Also you have to install the chrome browser extension on your computer to use this app.
  21. Google Goggles : This app will allow you to search the real world by just taking a picture. Goggles use a image recognition technology to recognize objects and return relevant search results. It can identify products, famous landmarks, storefronts, artwork, and popular images.
  22. Google Korean IME : The Korean IME features single vowel layout, voice input and a suggestion dictionary. You can enter text using voice input and also get suggestions from dictionary. You can also reduce typos with single vowel layout.
  23. Google Pinyin IME : Same as Google Korean IME. Great and easy way to use. There were some issues with app earlier, but were resolved in the latest release.
  24. Google Reader : This app is very popular where you can follow all your favorite sites, blogs and more, in a one place. You can see what your friends are sharing and also share interesting articles which you read. You can be up to date each and every moment since the app syncs with the web version.
  25. Google Search : The legendary Google Search engine app which allows you to search the web on your phone with fastest response and request time. The instant results for weather, stock quotes, local businesses made the app even more popular.
  26. Google Shopper : This new app from Google will allow you to find products with your phone and get prices fast. You can get product pricing, availability and reviews for products by scanning bar codes and cover art. Get the best deals around you.
  27. Google Sky Map : With this app, you can turn your android powered device into a window on the night sky.
  28. Google TV Remote : With this app, you can use your android device as a Google TV remote plus voice searches and sharing. You can turn your phone into a fully functional Google TV remote. Use the mouse pad, arrow keys and the full range of buttons. Share videos and web pages with the TV.
  29. Google Voice : This app will allow you to make cheap international calls with your Google number. You can also send free text messages. You can place calls and send text messages showing your Google number. Listen to voice mail and read transcripts. But available only in US.
  30. Google Wallet : The recent revolution from Google is called the Google wallet. Which makes your phone your wallet. You can tap, pay and save with Google Wallet. The best app so far to keep your phone as a wallet with cards and stuff.
  31. Intersection Explorer : This wonderful app helps blind users to explore their neighborhood. The app speaks the layout of the streets and intersections in neighborhoods.
  32. KickBack : Even this app is used to help blind and vision-impaired users. The app has a add spoken, audible and vibration functionality services to your device. They are automatically updated and improved.
  33. Listen : This app from Google labs is for podcast search, subscribe, download and steaming. You can search thousands of audio feeds for breaking news and subscribe to favorites and mange with Google Reader.
  34. Music : This app is official android player for music beta by Google. The app features a redesigned UI. You will get a instant access to your personal music collection on web.
  35. Orkut : The famous social network site app which is the best way to share things with your friends and family. You can click pictures and send directly to your orkut albums. You can update your status and observations. Reply to scraps and browse your friends and call them up from a live folder.
  36. Panoramio Uploader : You can upload your favorite photos to Panoramio. You can upload your geolocated photos directly from the gallery to your panoramio account. You can share the picture from any photo either taken by your phone camera or from the gallery.
  37. Soundback : This app is same as Kickback and Talkback where it helps blind people to get access to surroundings.
  38. Street View on Google Maps : You can explore the world at street level. The new street smart navigation can be moved around by dragging Pegman where you want to go.
  39. TalkBack : This app is same as Soundback, Kickback to help blind people.
  40. Videos : This official video player app from Google will allow you to rent movies from the market. You can select from thousands of movie titles in Android market and watch them instantly.
  41. Voice Search : You can search the web and your phone by voice and control your phone with voice actions. You can quickly search your phone, web and nearby locations by speaking, instead of typing. You can also call your contacts, get directions and control your phone with Voice actions.
  42. YouTube Remote : This app will turn your android device into a YouTube remote control. You can feel the comfort of controlling YouTube videos.

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