Verizon releases Thunderbolt Gingerbread update again with security fix

After HTC and Verizon released 2.11.605.3 for the Thunderbolt, they quickly realized that it had a couple of very serious bugs such as broken voicemail notifications and a major security vulnerability. As a result they are forced to pull it. After that it’s been a long time coming but a new version is currently making the rounds (2.11.605.5) with “improved security features that reduce device vulnerability.” The update should be rolling out to Thunderbolt users in the coming days so be on the lookout for it. Now might be a good time to manually check for a system update but I’m sure you already knew that.
download latest firmware for verizon htc thunderbolt 4g
It fixes both of those major issues we just pointed out, along with Bluetooth security and those random SMS message sessions. The update is 146MB in size and could be available in the coming days. There is no word yet on how HTC will update those that actually accepted the 2.11.605.3 update. I am very disappointed to see this kind of activities between Verizon and HTC. Where this is the time of Ice Cream Sandwich update, they are only working to give users Gingerbread! Thats shame for a powerful smartphone like Thunderbolt 4G.

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