What is the meaning of Zero Shutter Lag in a mobile phone?

From the Apple iPhone 4S release party to Samsung Galaxy Nexus launching ceremony; we are continuously one thing- faster camera performance. Apple claimed that their new iPhone can take a photo within second then the next photo within another half a second. At Google and Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus event in Hong Kong, Samsung’s senior vice president for product innovation Kevin Packingham introduced the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Nexus and highlighted the smartphone’s 5 megapixel camera’s unique feature- the zero shutter lag claimed.

How do the two compare? It’s probably like comparing apples and oranges, if we’re basing on specs alone. Even the comparison might not be fair, since Samsung quotes shutter lag, while Apple quotes delay between shots. However, in terms of optics and image processing, Apple probably wins, with its improved optics, increased pixel count and image stabilization when recording videos.how to use galaxy nexus zero shutter lag
But I am here to notify you what is the meaning of zero shutter lag. Shutter lag – the delay between taking a photo and capturing the actual image – is a common problem on many mobile devices and digital still cameras.

Scalado, a leading mobile imaging solution provider, mentions for the instant capture of any megapixel size photo, freezing the exact moment that the photo is taken. End users can then zoom into the photo details instantly, with zero waiting time. It also offers the world's fastest shot-to-shot time, making it possible to capture more than just one photo at a time.

Advantages of Zero Shutter Lag-
  1. Instant capture with direct viewing
  2. Fastest available shot-to-shot time
  3. Megapixel capturing support
So in a sentence zero shutter lag means you can capture an image without any delay after turn on the camera. Now I am waiting for Galaxy Nexus and Apple iPhone 4S head to head camera comparison to see which one is the leader.

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