You can play games via console and see it on the HDTV on your Galaxy Nexus

With Android Honeycomb we saw the introduction of USB hosting, allowing for connectivity with device like a USB hard drive or USB gamepad (like the Xbox 360 controller) on a tablet for use with games or emulators. In case there was any doubt that this would also be a feature in Ice Cream Sandwich. Google framework engineer Romain Guy confirms everyone about this exciting feature via his Twitter account.
how to use android mobile phone for console gaming
It means USB gamepads will be fully functional in ICS as well. The cool part, though, is that HDMI's playing nice as well. In short, you could hook up an external gamepad to a USB-to-microUSB adapter on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, connect it to your TV and transform your handset into a fancy portable gaming console.

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