GSMArena tests Samsung Galaxy Note battery life- we have mixture feelings

Samsung’s new Phone or Tablet smart device, Samsung Galaxy Nexus is just tested by GSMArena teams. They tested its huge 2500 mAh battery under there standard procedure. Because Galaxy Note has a 5.3-inch screen with some very powerful hardware inside, it uses a lot of juice to run. The Samsung Galaxy Note’s performance was quite unusual. While it got a monstrous score on the telephony part, its web browsing endurance were quite disappointing.
can i use samsung galaxy note 1 day on one single charge?
The Samsung Galaxy Note turned out the best performer when you are talking. It has 12 hours and 47 minutes of 3G talk time on a single charge. The result wasn’t that surprising though – with the screen turned off, the power consumption of the Galaxy Note isn’t higher than that of the average smartphone, but the battery is much larger here.

Next they tested the web browsing time. The Note managed just 3 hours and 35 minutes of continuous browsing, which some way off the standard is set by the iPhone 4S and Nokia N9. As most of the web pages are predominantly white, the 5.3″ screen turned into a power-leeching beast that’s hard to feed. So it is the stage of the Galaxy Note’s worst performance.

The great power hunger is also partially due to the GPU-acceleration of the browser. If you are willing to trade the stock browser for one of the alternatives found on the Android Market you would see worse performance, but slightly better battery life. When they tested it with Opera Mobile then the Galaxy Note lasted for 4 hours.

The Samsung Galaxy Note restored some of its pride in the last challenge – the video playback test. It used 90% of its battery after 8 hours and 25 minutes of looping the SD Xvid video. It’s not bad result for a 5.3-inch display runner.

Finally, and most importantly the Samsung Galaxy Note got an endurance rating of 39, which means that you will have to be plug it in every 39 hours if you do 1 hour of using the stock web browser, 3G calls and video playback every day. It is now quite as impressive as the 45 hours achieved by the iPhone 4S.

Thanks to for their detailed Samsung Galaxy Note battery test. It will definitely help a lot of people to buy Galaxy Note or not.

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