Microsoft files one after another patent suits against Android

A senior Microsoft attorney says the number of patent lawsuits filed between tech companies is natural because of U.S. patent laws, suggesting the company will likely continue its legal attack on Google's Android system. Horacio Gutierrez, deputy general counsel for Microsoft, told the San Francisco Chronicle patent protections are a necessary part of the industry. Microsoft has already patented several "features that just make the phone much more efficient," for which Android makers should compensate Microsoft, according to Gutierrez.

Microsoft's strong stance comes as it signs licensing agreements with HTC and Samsung, generating more revenue from those arrangements than it makes from its own Windows Phone operating system.

result of patent claim by microsoft aginst google android

These agreements are often the goal of patent-related legal actions, and most companies would rather come to licensing agreements rather than halt the production of the devices due to bans and injunctions. But the rise of patent lawsuits has escalated of late, prompting debate over the effects on innovation and reform of the patent system.

Gutierrez denied, however, that Microsoft is waging a vendetta against Android, saying patent battles often happen when "technologies are really disruptive."

Gutierrez says the rise is unique to this time and place and that the U.S. patent system isn't in need or a reboot.

"People who lived in that particular time would look and say, 'What a mess, we certainly must live in the worst time. The system is broken and something has to be done to fix it,'" he said. "That's the situation we're in right now. If you think of a mobile phone or a tablet computer today, they're not your father's or your grandfather's cell phone."

One proposed remedy, the America Invents Act, attempts to clean up patent regulation by granting intellectual property rights on a first-filed, rather than first-invented basis.
Source: Brothersoft News

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