Unlocked Samsung Android phones price in India

It is always hard to find quality smartphones without sim lock and neat customer support. Because most of the phones now a days comes with carrier lock. You have to use the same handset for almost two years. But you wish to buy an unlock mobile phone then you have to pay a higher price or get it without any warranty. If you are in India then I have something to share with you. You can find all the latest Android phones with full Indian warranty in Flipkart at the cheapest price. Moreover they release every major Android phones at the same time of international release.

In this post I will show you the price list of the most popular and new Samsung Android phones price in India offered by Flipkart. I am sure that these are the best android phones deal in India for Samsung if you want to buy it without any kind of carrier lock. Mind that I mention the price in India rupees.
new samsung android phone price in india
Samsung Android phone price in India
Samsung Galaxy Y S5360
Unlocked phone price: INR 6990
Samsung Galaxy Pop S5570
Unlocked phone price: INR 8000
Samsung Galaxy Pop i559
Unlocked phone price: INR 8950
Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670
Unlocked phone price: INR 9300
Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830
Unlocked phone price: INR 13900
Samsung Galaxy S I9003
Unlocked phone price: INR 17900
Samsung Galaxy S Plus I9001
Unlocked phone price: INR 22500
Samsung Galaxy R I9103
Unlocked phone price: INR 29900
Samsung Galaxy Note
Unlocked phone price: INR 34990

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