Verizon Galaxy Nexus comes with Verizon apps inside

Galaxy Nexus is only one week away from the US mobile users who are willing to to it from Verizon Wireless. Now we just knew something interesting from a leaked Verizon Galaxy Nexus image. Usually the Nexus phones have been known to come with a stock ROM from Google with nothing but Google’s own applications installed. The Galaxy Nexus from Verizon will be the first to break this tradition. It has some apps made by Verizon, tarnishing the name of the Nexus brand forever.
list of verizon apps on samsung nexus prime
Some of you may disappointed to see this kind of kindness from Google to carrier demand. because many of you wanna see complete Google experience. If you are one of those then you can easily display those apps. Ice Cream Sandwich comes with the ability to disable unwanted applications from the Settings menu. But you can only disable them and not delete them, which means they will still reside on your memory but won’t be visible in the app launcher. Thankfully, Verizon has not disabled this functionality.

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