India Gets Cheapest Android Tablet from HCL, Price Starts Rs. 14990

Tablet phenomena are going on Worldwide. Around 100s of new tablet PCs are announced in last 3 months. lacking’s of these tablets are they priced so high for many Asian users. Now Indian electronics brand HCL announced to sell their own Android 2.2 froyo running cheap tablets. They released two 7-inches tablets and one 10-inches tablet. Main news is the price of this Android tablets are lower than any other tablets in price. So I think the waiting for an affordable android tablet in India is now over.

HCL ME tablet AE7-A1 tablet is for economy users. It’s price is Rs. 14990($335).
HCL ME Tablet AE7-A1 Specification:7-inch 800 X 480 pixel capacitive touchscreen.
800 MHz processor.
256MB RAM.
2GB flash memory. Up to 8GB microSD card slot.
Front facing 0.3MP camera.
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g.
Bluetooth 2.0.
USB port.
3.5mm stereo jack for headphones and built-in microphone.
400 grams in weight.
205.4 x 110.92 x 14mm
2400 mAh battery.
cheapest HCL ME Tablet AE7-A1 tablet
HCL ME tablet AM7-A1 tablet is for mainstream users. It’s price is Rs. 22990($514).
HCL ME Tablet AM7-A1 Specification:7-inch 1024 X 600 pixel capacitive touchscreen.
800 MHz processor.
512MB RAM.
8GB flash memory. Up to 16GB microSD card slot.
Front facing 1.3MP camera.
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g.
Full HD 1080p video playback.
Bluetooth 2.1.
USB port.
3.5mm stereo jack for headphones and built-in microphone.
Two 1W stereo speakers.
300 grams in weight.
4200 mAh battery.
HCL ME Tablet AM7-A1 drawbacks
HCL ME tablet AP10-A1 tablet is for business users. It’s price is Rs. 32990($738).
HCL ME Tablet AP10-A1 Specification:10-inch 1024 X 600 pixel capacitive touchscreen.
1 GHz processor.
16GB flash memory. Up to 32GB microSD card slot.
Front facing 1.3MP camera.
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g.
Full HD 1080p video playback.
3D accelerometer.
Bluetooth 2.1.
USB and mini USB port.
Ethernet and HDMI port.
3.5mm stereo jack for headphones and built-in microphone.
750 grams in weight.
267 x 173 x 11-14.3mm
3650 mAh battery.
HCL ME Tablet AP10-A1 tablet disadvantages
All three tablets are available through HCL stores and channel partners by now. One of the major disadvantages of HCL ME tablets are it is not possible to upgrade this tablets to Android 3.0 Honeycomb. Even Android 2.3 Gingerbread might be impossible. However, these tablets are very cheap compared with iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab. isn’t it correct?

Upgrade Your Droid X & Droid 2 Firmware to Android 2.3.3, New ROM Leaked

There are lots of Motorola Droid X and Droid 2 users in USA who are eagerly waiting for using Android 2.3 gingerbread on their high end mobile phones. Official firmware upgrade is not released yet neither by Motorola nor by Verizon. But if you are looking for doing it manually then the Android 2.3.3 firmware files are on the internet for both Droid phones.
android 2.3 firmware for moto droid x
Motorola Droid X came in 2010 July with Android 2.1 and Droid 2 came in 2010 August with Android 2.2 built in. Details procedure of updating your Droid firmware to Android 2.3.3 is given on my droid world forum. Updating process is not too hard. This new Droid 2.3.3 ROM comes with new bluish MOTOBLUR UI. You don’t need root your phone and if something goes wrong then you can return to the stock build.

To check and download Android 2.3.3 ROM for your Motorola Droid X and Droid 2 click these two links now. There is also a walkthrough video available in Youtube for your support.

Samsung Galaxy S Android 2.3.3 ROM Leaks, Improves Many Things

Unofficial Samsung Galaxy S Android 2.3.3 firmware upgrade ROM file is leaked over the internet. You can easily install this update to your unlocked international version of Samsung I9000 at yupgrade my galaxy s firmware to android 2.3.3our own risk. There is no word from Samsung about when they will officially release OTA Galaxy S Android 2.3.3 firmware.

The leaked ROM version is XXJVK. It brings the API level to 10 and improves Bluetooth, graphics, media framework and speech recognition. If you are interested to download this latest firmware file for your own Galaxy S then go here. There are versions with and without boot loader. Follow these instructions to install Android 2.3.3 firmware on I9000 manually. You can also check complete video tutorial on youtube.

There is also some video on youtube where you can see Android 2.3.3 running Galaxy S interface and benchmark video.

T-Mobile Announced Froyo Running G2x from LG, Same as LG Optimus 2X

We heard so many things already about dual-core LG Android, Optimus 2X. It attracts so many people by its awesome hardware performance with Android 2.2 Froyo. Its 8-megapixel camera is capable of shooting 1080p HD video. Now this super power mobile phone hits USA with T-Mobile branding. In CTIA 2011, they announced carrier based dual-core T-Mobile G2x handset. This T-Mobile G2x comes with 4G stock, preloaded Tegra Gaming Zone, Qik, Need for Speed Shift HD, T-Mobile TV and DTS Ultra sound enhancer. Removal of custom LG UI is also another change from LG Optimus 2X. Check out the full T-Mobile G2x specification at GSMarena.
comparison between lg optimus 2x and t-mobile g2x
No pricing and specific release date is not known yet. But Engadget is sure about LG G2x nationwide release later this spring.

Samsung Announces Thinner Galaxy Tab 10.1 with New 8.9-inches Version

It’s not too long Samsung announced their 2nd Android tablet Galaxy Tab 10.1 back in January 2011 along with LG Optimus Pad. Both of this high end tablets are lost their way after the announcement and release of iPad 2 in March. Especially with reasonable price and attractive design in thinner shape make iPad 2 successful. So it is clearly must to do for LG & Samsung to upgrade their upcoming tablet pc even before release. And Samsung responds quicker than LG to reshape their tablet. They make their tablet thinner and show its face in CTIA fair.

OK if it is not hot news for you then must be delighted to hear that they are now ready to gives you a brand new tablet with smaller size of 8.9-inches screen. Hardware in these two Android tablets is almost identical. Both of them have dual core 1 GHz CPU, keep in mind that iPad 2 has 900 MHz dual core Apple A5 much thin samsung galaxy tab 10.1 is?samsung galaxy tab 8.9 front and back view
Two main advantages of these two tablets over iPad 2 are both of them are thinner and lighter then iPad 2.

Price of Wi-Fi only version is now official. Samsung will launch Galaxy Tab 10.1 in June 8th on $499 for 16GB version and $599 for 32GB version. A 64GB version of Galaxy Tab is also coming by that time but we don’t know the specific pricing yet.

For Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 these two prices is $469 and $569 respectively. Price of quad-band GPRS/EDGE and quad-band 3G with 21Mbps HSPA+ are still unknown.

Despite of new 10.1 inches model we heard that Samsung will release earlier 10.1 Galaxy Tab model in some regions. But if you are a US resident then you must be happy to know that thicker version will not be coming toward you.


AT&T Motorola Atrix 1st OTA Update is Coming- Brings Nothing Especial

Motorola Atrix 4G on US AT&T network released just last month. After its release this 4G mobile phone has been known in particular for two problems: first, a lack of HSUPA (high speed upload) support in the software and second, poor voice quality on phone calls. But the upcoming update for Atrix 4G brings nothing related with this 2.
motorola atrix 4g poor call quality solution
If you are an Atrix owner and want to sign up to test the beta of the upcoming firmware update, you have until Friday at 12PM EST to register. Motorola doesn’t tell us anything about when this update will be available. Motorola Atrix 4G currently running Android 2.2 froyo.

Vodafone AU HTC Legend Users Get Android 2.2 Froyo Update Via OTA

Vodafone users in Australia are started to get Android 2.2 froyo firmware upgrade on thei HTC Legend mobile phone from this morning. Vodafone back in January said that they would release this froyo update in February. But they make one month delay to release it due to some reason. This Android 2.2 update is available Over the Air to HTC Legend. Vodafone says that all the device owners receive a notification on their handset. The update is headed across the 3G (or Wi-Fi) radio waves to your device.
htc legend firmware upgrade on vodafoneVodafone suggest you only download this update if you have full 3G HSPA signal, and seeing as that appears to be a rarity for some. So you might be need to go to your closest Wi-Fi network and download the 85MB update there. Wi-Fi is the best solution to download update on your HTC Legend.

Major Changes in Android 2.2 froyo firmware of HTC Legend-

  • Adds a new refined Google search tool to your home screen saving time and data usage.
  • You can use your device as a Wi-Fi Hot Spot.
  • You can use your device as a flashlight.
  • You can recommend apps from your phone to friends.
  • Change language settings on your device on the fly.
  • Easier SMS functions to improve your experience.


Aircell Announces Android Running Airborne Smartphone for Business Aircraft

Until now it is not possible to use your cell phone while you are on a flight. However, if you are one of the top businessman of your country having a personal aircraft then Aircell made something for you. Aircell introduces World’s first airborne mobile for designed for aircraft use. This Android OS running mobile phone is designed to be backwards compatible with all Aircell Axxess communications systems currently in production. It also works on forthcoming Gogo Biz Voice service. This phone has a 3.8-inches touch screen with beautiful design and finish.
how to use mobile phone in airplane
The name of this airborne mobile phone is still unknown. It is expected to release in late 2011. Meanwhile Aircell is the world's leading provider of inflight connectivity and a single-source, turnkey provider of equipment, service, and technical support.

Here is the official press release from Aircell-
Aircell Introduces the World's First Airborne SmartphoneRENO, NV [AEA International Convention & Trade Show] – March 23, 2011 – Aircell, the world's leading provider of inflight connectivity, today unveiled the Aircell® Smartphone, a next-generation cabin handset designed specifically for business aircraft. With intuitive, menu-driven features, the Aircell Smartphone allows passengers to place and receive voice calls aboard business aircraft as easily and conveniently as they do with mobile phones on the ground. In addition, its flexible Android OS platform sets the stage for a nearly unlimited set of rich-media features and functions in the future. First shipments are scheduled for late 2011.

Among a host of groundbreaking capabilities, the new Aircell Smartphone will provide the best voice quality in aviation through a number of embedded technologies and design features. At 3.8" diagonally, the Aircell Smartphone's bright, color touchscreen display is the largest the aviation industry has ever seen in a telephony device. It exceeds the size of most consumer smartphones on the market today.

"The result of extensive industrial design and human factors study, the Aircell Smartphone epitomizes the notion of next-generation inflight communications. It gives passengers exactly what they want – the best-sounding, best-looking and easiest-to-use handset in aviation," said John Wade, Aircell's Executive Vice President & General Manager, Business Aviation Services. "We've received extraordinary feedback from all corners of the industry on this achievement, and we look forward to bringing it to market later this year."

Key Benefits & Features
1. Designed specifically for aircraft use, from the ground up
2. Big, bright, 3.8" color touchscreen display – the largest in the industry
3. Flexible, future-minded Android OS platform
4. Bluetooth-compatible for hands-free operation
5. Ingenious design for interchangeable wireless or wired operation
6. High-touch design with expert use of colors, materials & finishes
7. So easy to operate, no user manual is required
8. Drop-in replacement for current Aircell Axxess flush-mount handsets
9. Integrated audio jack for wired headsets & earbuds
10. Fully certified

The Aircell Smartphone will be backward-compatible with all Aircell Axxess communications systems currently in production, and available as a drop-in replacement for the company's prolific Aircell Axxess flush-mount handset. It will also be fully compatible with the company's forthcoming Gogo Biz™ Voice service via the ATG 4000 and ATG 5000 systems. Shipments of the new Aircell Smartphone are scheduled to begin in late 2011 and pricing will be announced prior to that time.

About Aircell
Aircell is the world's leading provider of inflight connectivity and a single-source, turnkey provider of equipment, service, and technical support. With a global sales and support presence, its products are offered by virtually every fixed- and rotor-wing airframe manufacturer in business aviation, and are installed aboard the world's four largest fractional ownership fleets. As winner of an exclusive FCC frequency license in 2006, Aircell has built a revolutionary new mobile broadband network for commercial and business aviation. In 2008, the Aircell® Network and its inflight portal, known as Gogo®, revolutionized the commercial airline passenger flight experience by delivering a robust Internet experience at 35,000 feet. The Aircell Network provides airlines with connectivity to operations and a path to enhanced cabin services such as video, audio, television and more. A similar feature set is available to Business Aircraft operators. Aircell has facilities in Broomfield, Colorado, and Itasca, Illinois. Aircell's vision is to give everyone the ability to stay In Touch, In Flight®. For more information about Aircell, please visit

HTC Releases Kernel Source Code of Incredible S, T-Mobile MyTouch 3G Slide & Wildfire

Recently HTC releases kernel source code for three of their latest Android mobile phones. These three handsets are Incredible S, T-Mobile MyTouch 3G Slide & Wildfire. These source codes are now available for download on their developer portal. If you like to work with your phone then download and experiment codes now. Size of the HTC Incredible S - 2.6.35 kernel source code is 89.5 MB, T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide - Froyo MR -2.6.32 kernel source is 80.2 MB & HTC Wildfire - Froyo MR - 2.6.32 kernel source code is 82.3 htc android phone kernel source code

But for the normal users these means nothing, it can’t be used for firmware upgrade of your Android phone.

Cheap Samsung Galaxy Pop Android CDMA Price in India is Rs. 9,750

GSM Samsung Galaxy Pop is already out in India market which costs around 9000 Indian rupees. Now Samsung releases the CDMA version of this affordable Android phone for Indian market. Android 2.2 running Galaxy Pop can work on every CDMA operators in the country. The specifications of this heap phone is very promising. It has a 600 Mhz processor and 320 X 480 pixel display.
cdma galaxy pop price in india
Galaxy Pop CDMA has a 3 megapixel camera with average quality shooting. It has Wi-Fi b/g/n connectivity onboard. It supports memory expansion and can take microSD cards of up to 32 GB. Price of CDMA version is 750 rupees higher than GSM model; it is Rs. 9,750 in India.

No matter what is the price is, Galaxy Pop surely is the best choice if you like to use Android mobile phones in Indian CDMA network below 10000 Rupees range.

HTC Announces Wi-Fi Flyer Tablet as Best by Exclusive, coming this March

HTC just announced a great deal for the US buyers who are looking for a great tablet pc in a reasonable price without any contract signing. In CTIA 2011 HTC and Best Buy together announce an exclusive release of 7-inch Wi-Fi only Flyer tablet in US at the end of this March. This is the same tablet Sprint received as HTC EVO View 4G. But the main benefits of Best Buy offer is you can buy it unlocked and without any kind of contract, as it has no 3G. It comes with Android 2.3 gingerbread (no Honeycomb this time) and 1.5 GHz CPU. HTC Flyer has dual 5 megapixel camera on the back and 1.3 megapixel on front.
wifi htc flyer best buy price in us
Though Best Buy tells us Spring in their release timeframe, but rumors from Digitimes suggest this could mean as soon as the end of March. But they won’t tell us anything about HTC Flyer Wi-Fi price.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Mini comes with 1.4 GHz CPU Onboard?

Samsung really takes mobile phone war too hardly. They are announcing Android OS running mobile phones continuously one after another. Now we heard some rumor about another Android 2.3 gingerbread-running phone named with mini. It’s called Samsung Galaxy S2 Mini. The design looks like Apple iPhone 4 at first sight. It is GSM phone. We are hoping that it will be released worldwide. It comes with 480 X 800 pixel 3.7 inches Super AMOLED multi touch screen. It’s 5 megapixel camera is capable of capturing 720p HD video.
samsung galaxy s mini price
2 main highlights of the spec sheet are it comes with Android 2.3 gingerbread and 1.4 GHz CPU. But it is not dual core. We don’t know anything about it’s GPU till now. We expect Samsung Galaxy S2 Mini will be released in Q2 of 2011.


HTC Merge Suddenly goes for Pre-order in India, Letsbuy Asks Rs. 35,000 for Merge

HTC Merge was heading for Verizon as far as we know. And it was a CDMA Android phone till the pre-order announcement of Letsbuy in India. Surprisingly enough Letsbuy starts pre-ordering this Android 2.2 froyo mobile phone in India. They set the unlocked HTC Merge price at 35000 rupees($778).
unlocked htc merge price in usa
According to them it is a GDMA/ GSM hybrid phone for India. It has 800 MHz CPU and 363 MB of RAM. HTC Merge uses S-LCD 4.7 inches 480 X 800 pixel display. It comes with multitouch and HTC Sense. It’s 5 megapixel camera is capable of shooting 720p HD video. Another important feature of HTC Merge is it QWERTY keyboard as slider.

Letsbuy don’t inform us about it’s Indian availability date. But they start pre-ordering of this phone. Luckily you don’t need to pay Rs. 35000 now. You can book this phone by spending Rs. 1000 now. You can give rest of the money at the time of delivery. Check out their site now for details and pre-order your HTC Merge in India.

HTC EVO 3D coming for Sprint US- Powerful CPU with Android 2.3 Inside

US mobile carrier Sprint announces many exciting Android running EVO phones and tablet in this month. Earlier they announced Android 2.4 Gingerbread running 7-inches tablet- HTC EVO View 4G. It has 1.5 GHz processor onboard. It is scheduled to release in Q2 of 2011. Now another EVO device comes to light. In spite of 4G it comes with 3D display and camera. 4.3 inches 3D 16M LCD screen resolution must be amazing to everyone- 540 X 960. It is considered as the 3D version of HTC Pyramid.
glass free htc evo 3d display drawbacks
HTC EVO 3D Specification at a Glance-
  • Glass free 3D display.
  • 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, Adreno 220 GPU.
  • Android 2.3 Gingerbread.
  • Gigantic 1730 mAh Li-ion battery.
  • Combined USB & HDMI port.
  • 1/4 GB internal memory, 32 GB microSD slot.
  • Rev. A, up to 3.1 Mbps / HSDPA, 14.4 Mbps; HSUPA, 5.76 Mbps.
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, WiMAX 802.16 e, DLNA.
  • Bluetooth v3.0 with A2DP, EDR.
  • 5 MP autofocus camera, dual-LED flash, Stereoscopic photos in 2 MP.
  • Video 1080p@24fps in 2D and 720@30fps in 3D.
This 3D mobile phone is expected to release in Q2 by Sprint in US. Price or contract deal is not published yet. If you want to signup for HTC EVO 3D release notification from Sprint then fill out the form of this page.

htc evo 3d camera quality

Android is the no. 1 Mobile OS in the US

Google made Open Source mobile OS Android takes only two and half years to be the most widely used operating system in the USA. By obtaining 31.2% market Android defeats BlackBerry OS (30.4%) and iOS from Apple (24.7). According to a latest market research report by comScore, Google's Android operating system now is the most popular smartphone platform in the United States.

1st Android running mobile phone was T-Mobile G1, released back in 2008. The main reason google android vs apple ios vs blackberry share in usbehind Android’s success is the variety of Android running mobile phones. Almost all the World’s top mobile phone manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony Ericsson, Motorola make Android devices. According to January assessment, there were 74 smartphones for sale running Google's operating system, said Mark Donovan, a senior analyst at comScore. A Google spokesman said there are 170 Android devices in total. But Apple released only 4 different mobile phones in last four years. BlackBerry is larger in number but nowhere near Google. Android has models on every major U.S. wireless network and on some of the smaller carriers that offer prepaid plans.

So the main thing is people want variation, they loves to choose their dream phone by choosing. That’s where Apple are losing market. Same opinion goes for BlackBerry Too. Then the matter of price comes. Android offers choices here, too. Some Android phones cost a few hundred dollars. Others are free with a contract. It means consumers can pick exactly what they want instead of going with the one-iPhone-fits-all approach.

So I personally think that Android will grow faster in the next few years not only in US but also in rest of the world. And Apple must do something different to beat them. Nokia already signs deal with Microsoft to protect their future product.

Adobe Flash 10.2 out in Android Market, Promises Better Web on your Mobile

Adobe flash player 10.2 is now out in Android mobile market for download. This is compatible adobe flash player for androidmobile phonewith Android 2.2 froyo, Android 2.3 gingerbread and Android 3.0 honeycomb devices. Note that for Android 2.2 and 2.3 this is the final release but for Android 3.0 and 3.0.1 tablet it is still in beta version.

Adobe Flash Player takes full advantage of multi-core processors in latest mobile phone and tablets. It also includes other performance improvements to deliver improved performance of video and interactive content on many devices.

Your single-core smartphones should get a performance increase after installing this. This version of Adobe flash player 10.2 will certainly increase web performance of your Android devices significantly. Your devices should be able to stream seamlessly 720p HD quality now.

To download Adobe Flash Player 10.2 app to your computer for your Android gadget go to Android Market from your PC. Or you can directly install it by visiting Android Market from your mobile now.

LG Optimus 2X Unlocked Price is £449.99 in UK, Vodafone Offers Free in Contract

Last week we got the unlocked US price of dual core LG Optimus 2X, which is $800. Now we get the UK unlocked price from Carphone Warehouse and Expansys. Both of them are offering unlocked LG Optimus 2X cheaper than US. Carphone Warehouse sells SIM free Optimus 2X on £454.95($737). Expansys offers same on £5 less, £449.95($730).
buy unlocked lg optimus 2x in uk
Expansys will ship free in UK before the end of March. Both companies also offers free LG Optimus 2X via different mobile carriers like 3 UK, T-Mobile and Vodafone. Obviously, you have to sign a two years contract for that. Vodafone especially offers both 18 months and 24 months contract with free LG Optimus 2X. Their monthly fees start from £30.65. To place your order of this dual core 1GHz Android phone from Vodafone check all the deals now.

TELUS Canada Rolls out Motorola Milestone Firmware to Android 2.2 Froyo Next Week

International unlocked version of Motorola Milestone were getting Android firmware upgrade for the previous few weeks. Now the Canadian TELUS users also get the same froyo in this March. Canadian Facebook page of Motorola yesterday announced that they will release Android 2.2 froyo update for Motorola Milestone next week. This firmware upgrade will also be available on Facebook via a link

Samsung Galaxy SL I9003 4GB is now Out in India, Price is Affordable Rs.20,479

Back in February Samsung announced Android 2.2 froyo running Galaxy SL I9003 smart phone. It has a decent specs sheet compared with other super phones in the market. It has a single core 1 GHz Cortex A8 CPU with PowerVR SGX530 GPU. Two major advantages of Galaxy SL are it has 4 inches Super Clear LCD with gorilla glass and huge 1650 mAh battery with a 610 hours of stand-by time. 4GB version of this nice Android phone just appeared on Samsung India site with a price tag of reasonable 20,479 rupees(around $450). It is already goes on sell and you can order it online now from anywhere in India.
price of samsung galaxy sl i9003 in india
You can also buy up to 32GB micro SD card for your Samsung Galaxy SL mobile phone. Letsbuy offers mobile speaker of Rs. 1,299 free with Samsung Galaxy S GT Brown I9003. So order your phone online to get the offer now. They will ship you the phone in 3 working days with 12 months of warranty.

Motorola Xoom 3G will be Priced €699 in Europe, 699 in USD too

Spanish chain (known as Phone House in Europe/ Carphone Warehouse in UK) published four upcoming Android 3.0 Honeycomb running tablets European price. After hitting American market Motorola Xoom tablet 3G version is now going for Europe. They ask €699 for this Android 3.0 tablet. Interesting news is the price of Xoom tablet in US dollar is also 699 in Europe. It is a dual core tablet what you need now a days.
ola preços comprimido xoom em Portugal
Beside this also informs us the price of LG Optimus Pad on €849, Acer Iconia A100 on €349 and Asus Eee Pad on €399. The prices announced by the official are practically seen that the chain maintains agreements with major operators. Most likely we'll see prices will be confirmed in Italy.


Dual Core Asus Eee Pad Price in Europe is €399

Spanish chain as Phone House in Europe/ Carphone Warehouse in UK) published four upcoming Android 3.0 Honeycomb running tablets European price. Asus Eee Pad is one the affordable tablet among these four, price just below €400($564) . Eee Pad has a 10.1’’ IPS screen of 1280 X 800 resolution display. Dual core Tegra 2 CPU runs this 680 grams tablet.
asus eee prix pad transformateur
Beside this also informs us the price of Motorola Xoom 3G on €699, Acer Iconia A100 on €349 and LG Optimus Pad on €849. The prices announced by the official are practically seen that the chain maintains agreements with major operators. Most likely we'll see prices will be confirmed in Italy.


European Retail Price of Acer Iconia A100 is €349, Cheapest Android 3.0 Tablet with Dual Core CPU

Spanish chain as Phone House in Europe/ Carphone Warehouse in UK) published the European price of four upcoming Android 3.0 Honeycomb running tablets. Among these four 7’’ Acer Iconia A100 has the lowest price of €349($494) on its tag. It will be the most affordable dual core powered tablet computer in the world. We don’t know about the public release date of Acer Iconia A100 in Europe so far.
Iconia acer tablet pc precio
Beside this also informs us the price of Motorola Xoom 3G on €699, LG Optmius Pad on €849 and Asus Eee Pad on €399. The prices announced by the official are practically seen that the chain maintains agreements with major operators. Most likely we'll see prices will be confirmed in Italy.

LG Optimus Pad 3D European Retail Price is €849

Spanish chain as Phone House in Europe/ Carphone Warehouse in UK) published four upcoming Android 3.0 Honeycomb running tablets European price. Among these the hottest deal is World’s 1st 3D tablet, LP Optimus Pad. But the price doesn’t make you happy. It is €849($1200) when opening. We don’t know about the public release date of LG Optimus Pad in Europe so far. LG Optimus Pad has a 3D screen with dual stereoscopic 5 megapixel camera on the back.
3D prezzo lg pad optimus in Italia
Beside this also informs us the price of Motorola Xoom 3G on €699, Acer Iconia A100 on €349 and Asus Eee Pad on €399. The prices announced by the official are practically seen that the chain maintains agreements with major operators. Most likely we'll see prices will be confirmed in Italy.

Amazon Asks $380 for Wi-Fi Only Dell Streak 7

This is definitely a good deal by Amazon and Dell. Amazon starts pre-ordering of Wi-Fi only version of Android 2.2 running Dell Streak 7. And they ask only $379.99 for this 7’’ tablet. I think older version of Android OS and no confirmation of future Android 3.0 Honeycomb update is the cause of this price. Amazon don’t say anything about its details. They are also not announcing any date of release for this tablet computer.
dell streak 7 wifi price in india
Dell Streak 7 possibly has a dual core 1 GHz Tegra 2 processor, 16 GB internal memory and GPS inside. It is compatible with over-the-air upgrade capability for future Android OS releases. So Android 2.3 gingerbread on Dell Streak 7 firmware upgrade is sure. But we are not sure that it will capable of upgrading to Android 3.0 Honeycomb in future.

In the mean time you can also buy 4G version of Dell Streak 7 from T-Mobile also in Amazon. It costs you $450 with T-Mobile pay as you go prepaid service. This version is already available there.

My opinion about Dell Streak 7 is compared with iPad 2 $499 and Samsung Galaxy Tab price it is much more reasonable and better deal for the customers. It is rumored that Samsung Galaxy Tab Wi-Fi only version will be coming out on April 4th with $399 price tag.

*Update: Dell Streak 7 Wi-Fi tablet price is now only $285 in Amazon. Check out there website now to buy this excellent 7'' tablet.

Buy HTC Droid Thunderbolt at $249.99 on Best Buy until March 20

1GHz Scorpion processor CPU and Android 2.2 powered 4G HTC Droid Thunderbolt price is normally $300 if you are signing a two years contract with Verizon Wireless. Best offers a cheaper deal if you want to buy HTC Thunderbolt from their shop. They will give you this 4G mobile phone no $249.99 if you are going to their stores before March 20. They are not telling the exact date of their offer so may be do it fast if you would like to pay less for this exclusive Android mobile phone in US.

cheap htc thunderbolt 4gcontract price in usThis HTC made Thunderbolt(Also known as HTC Incredible HD) is the 1st 4G LTE capable hand set in Verizon network. To order your desired HTC Thunderbolt 4G from Best Buy and compare it with other Verizon Wireless plans check out Best Buy store now.

Unlocked LG Optimus 2X Costs $800 in US, Goes on Sale Now

Excitement and rumors are all around the LG Optimus 2X from the beginning. After almost two and half months of its showing some online retailers offers unlocked LG Optimus 2X in US for a huge $800. It is one the most powerful mobile in the world with dual core CPU on board.
unlocked lg optimus 2x price in usPopuparelect and cellhut both offered unlocked LG Optimus 2X in US at same price of $799.99. If you are looking to buy this smart phone cheaper than $800 then you will have to wait for a while. also offers the phone for $667 and then will release the phone in early April. On the other hand many mobile carriers are also going to offer LG dual core phone on contract. We hope those deals will suit you more on money.
Key specifications of the phone-
1Ghz dual-core processor (NVIDIA Tegra 2)
Android 2.2 froyo inside, upgradeable to Android 2.3 (Gingerbread). 
4-inch WVGA screen
8GB memory (up to 32GB via microSD)
8 megapixel rear camera and 1.3 megapixel front camera
1080p MPEG-4/H.264 playback and recording with HDMI mirroring
Unlocked LG Optimus 2X package Contents are-
LG Optimus 2X GSM Cell Phone(Unlocked Quadband)
User Manual
Travel Charger
Accessories offered with Optimus 2X are-
1GB Card [Price is $9.99]
2GB Card [Price is $14.99]
4GB Card [Price is $24.99]
8GB Card [Price is $34.99]
Car Charger [Price is $10.00]
LCD Screen Protector [Price is $9.99]
Carrying Case [Price is $9.99]
Clear Crystal Case [Price is $9.99]
Extra Battery [Price is $59.99]
You can order your necessary LG Optimus 2X accessories from here.

Android 2.3 Firmware Upgrade for LG Optimus One coming in May

When LG released it’s mid-range Android 2.2 running Optimus One handset they said that Optimus One won't be upgraded to Android 2.3 because it doesn't meet the minimum requirements. But after that LG officially announced all of their Android running phones will get one major firmware upgrade in this year which also includes LG Optimus One on the gingerbread list. We certainly find some information about when Android 2.3 gingerbread firmware comes to you. LG India informs us via Facebook that Android 2.3 upgrade will be available via Android Market in May for Optimus One. Though it is not confirmed yet and all the things can change.

lg optimus one android 2.3 firmware upgradeWhatever happens we are sure that LG is working for their Optimus One users to give themselves latest Android 2.3 gingerbread update.


Android 2.2 Froyo Firmware Upgrade for Motorola Milestone is out

Motorola Milestone (Known as Motorola DROID in USA) is one of the early super power Android smartphones of the World released back in November 2009 with Android 2.1 froyo update for motorola milestone Éclair installed. After such a long time it will be upgraded by Android 2.2 froyo. But the firmware upgrade is not available Over-The-Air. You must have your moto droid connected to your computer via a cable to carry out this Android 2.2 firmware upgrade.

This Android Froyo firmware upgrade has numerous new features, tons of shortcuts, and enhancements such as 3G Mobile Hotspot performance and connectivity for your Motorola Milestone. It also brings flash-support for the web browser and improved JavaScript performance. To view the complete change log you can see this pdf file published by Motorola.

Keep these words in mind before going to upgrade your Motorola Android-
1. Exhaustive testing process has concluded that users may experience some adverse effects associated with the upgrade which could include slower operation of some phone functions and applications. Performance may be improved by limiting open applications.

2. Not all applications downloaded with your current software will be compatible with your upgraded software.

3. Media saved on your memory SD card will be preserved, but DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected Media stored on your phone's internal memory will not be preserved.

To update your Motorola Droid go to this official link now to download froyo firmware file to you computer.

Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play Comes to Spain on 1 April, Price is €649

World’s 1st PSP like gaming button mobile phone, Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play will comes to Spain on the first day of April. Before that day XPERIA Play will be available in UK too. But XPERIA play unlocked price in Spain is higher than UK, its 649 euro ($900) by Sony Ericsson. Where you can get unlocked SIM free XPERIA Play on 540 euro in UK.
sony ericsson xperia play pre order price in spain
XPPERIA Play black version will be available from April 1, if you are looking for buying cheap XPERIA Play from Vodafone Spain. They will offer it in the middle of April. But we don’t know anything about its contract price. The good news is other Spain mobile carriers will offer XPERIA Play later that month.

Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play will comes with six pre-installed games inside. If you are looking for white version of XPERIA Play than you can check for pre order your Android 2.3 mobile phone.

LG Optimus 3D coming to UK in Late May, Price is £492

Both LG Optimus 2X and LG Optimus 3D are two massive talking phone of MWC 2011. And LG Optimus 3D P920 is the world’s first 3D Android smartphone with stereoscopic camera on the back also capable of capturing 3D image. Earlier both Expansys and announced they will give you the Android 2.2 running phone in April. But LG spokesman confirmed that LG is looking forward to a late May release for LG Optimus 3D in UK.
unlocked lg optimus 3d price in uk
At this time we only know the SIM free unlocked price of LG Optimus 3D in UK. It is available for pre-order at the price of £492($790) in UK. It is expected that the LG Optimus 3D will be available on pay monthly deals with Orange, T-Mobile and Three in UK. Although its pricing is yet to be confirmed.

LG Optimus 3D has a 3D 4.3 inches LCD display with Dual-core 1GHz ARM Cortex-A9 processor inside. All the 3D magic UI is powered by PowerVR SGX540 GPU. Dual 5 megapixel stereoscopic cameras are capable of capturing 1080p HD video capture.


Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play Comes to UK 31 March, Amazon Pre-orders on 540 Euro

We heard it that Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play will be coming to UK in late March. And now it is confirmed. Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play will be available in UK on 31 March on all major UK carriers, in various game stores and online retailers. We don’t hear anything from Sony about XPERIA Play retail price yet. In the meantime set the Sony PSP button like XPERIA Play pre order price to 540 euro ($752), which is unlocked and SIM free.
sony ericsson xperia play pre order price in indiaYou will be very pleased to know that Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play will come with six pre-installed games. Moreover 50 more high quality mobile games is waiting to come to you on online. So if you loves to play games on your way than nothing is better than XPERIA Play to you.
Earlier offers unlocked Sony XPERIA Play at £519.99 in UK. You can also check the offer from here.
On the other hand Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play is scheduled for March in US too. US Verizon is the possible carrier of XPERIA Play in US.

*Update: You can buy factory unlocked Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play from Amazon as low as $490.

Cheaper $399 Samsung Galaxy Tab is coming on April 4th?

Samsung Galaxy Tab higher price breaks lots of people heart. After the release of iPad 2 Samsung is also hit by Apple very badly. So there are no way for their tablet without reducing it’s price. A leaked brochure picture from Samsung tells us that they will release Wi-Fi only Galaxy Tab 7’’ on April 4th. The price is cut to $399 this time.
cheaper galaxy tab wifi price
Though we are not sure it is enough to attract people with an Android 2.2 tablet where iPad 2 and Honeycomb 3.0 are already on the field.

Flipkart Brings Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc in India on Rs. 28,999

Another high end Android 2.3 running mobile phone comes to light in India by Flipkart. This time they starts pre-ordering Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc on Rs. 28,999. As always they offer free home delivery and cash on delivery with XPERIA Arc pre-order inside India. Estimated release date of Arc is 2nd week of April in India by Flipkart. Sony Ericsson is yet to launch XPERIA Arc formally with official pricing in India.
cheap sony ericsson xperia arc in india
Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc has 1 GHz Scorpion processor with Adreno 205 GPU and Qualcomm MSM8255 Snapdragon chip on board. It has 4.2'' LED-backlit LCD 480 X 854 pixels touch screen. Arc's 8 mega pixel camera has everything you needed to capture high quality 720p video.

Check their site to order your Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc in India now. The price tag is 28,999 Rs.

Minor Motorola Xoom Update Brings some bug fixes, also Required for Future Update

Motorola releases a minor firmware upgrade for their Xoom tablet. This update will fixes some of the known bugs like Daylight Savings Time issues. But the main duty of this update is to prepare your Motorola slate for future major updates containing Adobe Flash 10.2. We expect that update sometimes in this March.motorola xoom firmware upgrade in verizon network

Sony Ericsson XPERIA Neo Goes Pre-order in India on Rs. 24,999

Stylish Android 2.3 Gingerbread running new Sony Ericsson XPERIA Neo went pre-order on German Amazon site this week for $480. And this time it comes to India. XPERIA Neo is now available for pre-order in Flipkart. Pre-order price of of Sony Ericsson XPERIA Neo in India is now just under 25,000 Rs., Rs. 24,999 exactly. Flipkart ready to give XPERIA Neo on your hand to 1st week of May. But we don’t know whether Indian unlocked version of XPERIA Neo priced $70 higher. Because unlocked Neo cost more than $550 in India.
pre-order sony ericsson xperia neo in india
XPERIA Neo is available in four colors in India- Blue Gradient, Red and Silver. Flipkart also offers free delivery on India and cash on payment. You will get 1 Year Sony Ericsson India Warranty and Free Transit Insurance with XPERIA Neo pre-order.

Let’s take a look to Sony Ericsson XPERIA Neo key features now-
  • Latest Google Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS
  • 1GHz Scorpion processor, Adreno 205 GPU
  • Sony Mobile BRAVIA Engine
  • 8 megapixel camera with Auto Focus & LED Flash, 720p video recording
  • Accelerometer Sensor, Timescape UI, Multi-touch input
  • HDMI Port
  • Adobe Flash 10.1 Support

Android Driven Toshiba Tablet is Confident to Fight with iPad 2

We heard so many tablet information over the past two months like Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, LG Optimus Pad, Motorola Xoom. But all them are attacked heavily by Apple after the announcement of iPad 2 in March. Both the features and price of iPad 2 make it stronger tablet pc around the market. And Samsung officially talks about their concern over iPad 2. Now we hear something from Toshiba. General Manager of Information System, Rob Wilkinson in Australia talks about their upcoming Android 3.0 Honeycomb running tablet pc, which will be available in couple of days. In addition, they are confident that their tablet is better than iPad.

Mr. Wilkinson says that-
We are confident that we can match Apple pricing for their new iPad 2 while delivering a device that is richer in features. We believe that our device is superior to the Apple device, it may be a little heavier (773g) but it does have a lot of features that the iPad 2 does not have.
toshiba tablet pc price
Lets talk something about new Toshiba tablet specification. The new Toshiba tablet has an Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core processor. It runs on Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system by Google. It has a 10.1 inches multi-touch display with 1280 X 800 resolution of 16:10 aspect ratio. The Toshiba tablet, has the capability of decoding 1080p video. There is Adobe Flash support and full resolution video output via the integrated HDMI port features available.

Toshiba tablet has two cameras like Apple iPad 2. Rear facing camera is 5 megapixel and front facing camera is 2 megapixel.

Some major advantages of Toshiba tablet over iPad is-
1. Toshiba tablet has full-sized USB, mini-USB sync.
2. Micro SD memory card slot.
3. Has resolution video enhancement, which upscales standard-def video to full HD.
4. Stereo speakers.
5. Removable battery.

New Toshiba tablet has 32 GB standard internal memory, 802.11 b/g/, Bluetooth, GPS, digital compass and 10 hours of battery life.

Official release date and price of this Toshiba Android tablet is unknown. But we expect its price is less than $600. And Toshiba is planning to sell this device via the traditional notebook or PC retailer.

Another benefit over the iPad 2 is the use of a removable battery, which allows a new battery to be slotted in easily when travelling. At this time Toshiba are tipping 10 hours battery life.

Android 2.2 Froyo Update for Samsung Galaxy 3 and 5 is coming by March

For the last 15 days we heard so many news about Android firmware upgrade. Most of the mobile phones by HTC, Samsung, Google are on the list. All the major phones are receiving major firmware upgrade to the next Android level. Yesterday I told you about Samsung Galaxy S will be given Android 2.3.2 gingerbread update this month. Now I will give you another one (or two!) good news if you are using mid-range Samsung Galaxy phones. Both Android 2.1 running I5500 Galaxy 5 and I5800 Galaxy 3 will receive Android 2.2 froyo firmware upgrade within this month. Samsung Mobile Romania says that the Samsung I5500 Galaxy 5 should expect the update within 14-20 March and the Samsung I5800 Galaxy 3 will have to wait until the end of the March.

So when mid-range Android mobile phones are started getting major firmware upgrade then we certainly expect that all the high end phone will joins the queue to the way of future.


Samsung Galaxy S Android 2.3 Firmware Upgrade Coming This March

Samsung Galaxy S owners can be preparing themselves to use latest Google mobile OS Android 2.3 Gingerbread on their mobile phone. Samsung I9000 Galaxy S just received a Android 2.2 froyo firmware upgrade from Android 2.1 Eclair few days ago. So it's quite unexpected to move on to Android 2.3 boat now. But no one worries about that! Samsung Mobile Romania posted this good news on their Facebook page. They mention that all the Galaxy S will receive a minor froyo update to Android 2.2.1 in March 20. Then by the end of this month they will be able to install Android 2.3 gingerbread on their I9000 Galaxy S.

If you wish to use Android 2.3 on your galaxy S then you may try to installed the leaked version of gingerbread from here. It also indicated significant performance improvements on Samsung Galaxy S. This android update with makes your galaxy S firmware version to Android 2.3.2.

Meanwhile last month Google gives their Nexus One and Nexus S Android 2.3.3 firmware upgrade. So we are now waiting which of the Android 2.2 mobiles will get the gingerbread update next.

Sony Ericsson XPERIA Neo Pre-order Price in Amazon Germany is €346

Sony Ericsson XPERIA Neo(previously known as Sony Ericsson Hallon) was one of most amazing android 2.3 gingerbread running mobile phones in MWC 2011. It certainly catches everyone's eye with marvelous design powered by the best hardware running on Google's latest mobile OS Android 2.3 gingerbread. But Sony didn't tell anything about XPERIA neo pricing or availability that time. Now after 2 months German Amazon site gives us the great news. They starts the pre-order of XPERIA Neo. And the best news is the price of neo is not so high as we feared. Sony Ericsson decides to sell unlocked XPERIA Neo at a very reasonable price of $480.
sony ericsson xperia neo price in india
Sony Ericsson XPERIA Neo design must be liked by all for it's true beauty all around. XPERIA Neo has a 1 GHz Scorpion processor and 8 megapixel snapper on the back. As always you can expect something more from this Sony camera with the capability of shooting 720p video. It is capable to autofocus your video continuously while shooting. XPERIA Neo has a built in latest Sony Mobile BRAVIA Engine inside.

Release date of XPERIA Neo is still unknown. Some other online sellers also offer Sony Ericsson XPERIA Neo to you with a better price starting from €338. But no one gives us any clue to guess it's show off date. We expect it will come to market on April 2011 at least.

Expansys UK Offers Unlocked LG Optimus Black on €460

You may already hear that LG Optimus Black is coming to UK in this month. T-Mobile is going to offer it free in a 24 months contract starting from £25.54/month. But if you looking for a unlocked Optimus Black in UK then Expansys has the solution. They start the pre-order of LG Optimus Black unlocked version for €460($640/£400). It is not high price for such a high end Android mobile phone running on 1 GHz processor and Android 2.2 froyo. But one minus point of Expansys is they will give the Optimus Black to you on April 18th. But overall this is not bad deal for unlocked SIM free LG Optimus Black in UK.
LG Optimus black unlocked price from expansys

T-Mobile USA Soon to Offer Dual-core LG Optimus 2X as T-Mobile G2x

One leaked photo of a promotional banner from T-Mobile certainly gives us something interesting to talk. From the image we can say that T-Mobile US will give you a promotional offer where the winning prize is LG G-Slate. But the attraction is we can see dual-core LG Optimus 2X in the screen. There is a photo of LG Optimus 2X on the banner. But the dual-core Tegra 2 powered LG droid phone is named as T-Mobile G2x there.
t-mobile lg 2gx offer details in us
We heard earlier that it will become available in US on March or April. And there is also a possibility that T-Mobile will advertise the G2x as a 4G capable smartphone. Unfortunately on T-Mobile network that means HSPA+ rather than LTE. Price or contract details for LG 2Gx in T-Mobile US network is also not known yet.

T-Mobile UK will Offer LG Optimus Black Free in Contract, Available in This March

With new bright Nova display and slim design LG Optimus Black(also known as LG when will lg optimus black released in uk?P970) already attracts many people around the world. We are listening it’s price update from various source now. It seems that T-Mobile in UK will give you the offer to buy a new LG Optimus Black in UK. CoolsSmartphone released a leaked image of such a printed offer of T-Mobile UK. They will offer you Optimus Black totally free of cost if you agree to sign a two year contract with them. And the monthly contracts are starting from £25.54 a month. It is expected that T-Mobile is going to offer you LG Optimus Black in this month. But it is yet to be confirmed. T-Mobile UK already includes the Optimus Black on their upcoming phone list. You can take a look there and register free for official notification service about it’s arrival and pricing.

Lg Optimus Black has a high quality IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen of 16M color in 4’’ 480 X 800 pixels. It supports Wi-Fi direct and runs on 1GHz TI OMAP processor.


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