Samsung ships 2000mAh extended battery for Galaxy S II, you must need it

We’ve got some great news for those the Samsung Galaxy S II owners. Just before one days of US release of Samsung Galaxy S II on US, Samsung has just released an official extended battery for the dual-core beast that has 2000 mAh worth of power, for those who feel 1650mAh is less for Galaxy S II. The 2000mAh battery is rated to give a talk time of up to 11.8 hours on 2G and 6 hours on 3G.

The extended battery kit hasn’t been confirmed by Samsung but is apparently on sale on a Czech shop where it retails for $33. The price that needs to be paid for the extra endurance is an increase in thickness of 1.5mm over the original 1650 mAh battery. Naturally, the new thicker battery doesn’t fit under the old battery cover, so Samsung is shipping the new battery with a replacement back panel.
price of samsung galaxy s ii high performence battery percentage of samsung galaxy s 2 extended battery performence increase
From the first photos of those replacement covers, provided by the xda-developers forum, they won’t be making the phone much thicker overall – they just level the slim back with the previously protruding camera lens and chin.
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New Firefox for Android Honeycomb Tablet is on the way

The Mozilla team is actively working on their Android offering and one of them took the time to show off their latest work – Firefox for Android Honeycomb tablets. The changes affect the UI, making it more Honeycomb-like and more suitable for big screens.

The theme is the first thing that changes – it’s cleaner, so it fits better with the Honeycomb style, which differs quite a bit from the non-tablet versions of the OS. The distinctive Firefox elements have been preserved however (like the tabs, the big back button, etc.).
download latest firefox browser for android 3.0 tablet
Speaking of tabs, how they are displayed changes according to the screen orientation. In landscape mode, they are thumbnails (like before) and in portrait mode, they are put together in a single dropdown menu to save space. In either mode, tabs are permanently visible.

The Awesome bar has changed too – the tabs have been moved to the left to free up space and make them easier to reach on a tablet.

new version of Firefox isn’t available in the Market yet. We don’t know when the update will come, but keep an eye on the beta channel of Firefox – it should appear there first.

Android 3.2 Honeycomb SDK is now available, new APIs now available to developers

Google has just announced that the latest version of the Android SDK in now available to developers. Classified as a minor feature update, the new Android SDK brings, as usual, a new set of APIs that should allow developers to create better apps that are compatible with a wider range of devices. These tools help developers create new apps using features introduced with the 3.2 update, including optimizations for more tablet types, compatibility zoom for apps that are fixed size, media sync from SD card support, and an extended API for managing screen size including 720p televisions and similar devices. But the focus of the SDK update is mainly on making compatibility with different screen sizes and resolutions easier.

The details are all at the Android Developer site, and the updates can be downloaded from within the 3.2 honeycomb sdk platform highlights

Samsung unveils Galaxy S II for AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint US

Well, it's been a long time coming, but people of US are finally getting Samsung Galaxy S II handset. Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T are all getting in on the Super AMOLED Plus action under the guise of the Epic 4G Touch on Sprint and just plain old Galaxy S II on AT&T and T-Mobile. Verizon is not willing to give Galaxy S II flavors to their customers and we heard they are moving to next Google Phone, Samsung Nexus Prime.
price of sprint, t-mobile and at&t samsung galaxy s ii in us
The AT&T version of the Galaxy S II won't have a name of its own. It goes by Samsung Galaxy S II, just like the international version of the smartphone and will basically be carrying the same hardware. The only hardware differences are in the exterior, most notably the controls at the front, where four touch-sensitive keys have replaced the two touch keys and a regular button combo. On the inside you are getting HSPA+ connectivity and the same Exynos chipset as the original Galaxy S II. The Super AMOLED Plus screen stands at the same 4.3", and the TouchWiz-skinned Android 2.3.4 is also a part of the standard equipment.

At this stage we didn't get any details about the AT&T-bound Galaxy S II pricing or availability.
cheapest deal of samsung galaxy s ii for at&t
The T-Mobile Galaxy S II will come with a pretty big difference compared to the international version. It will be carrying a 4.52" Super AMOLED Plus, which is no minor difference. In fact the difference from 4.3" to 4.52" is quite noticeable even if you don't put the handsets side by side. The Galaxy S II versions with the smaller screens seem much easier to handle, though.

T-Mobile also remains silent about expected availability or pricing of their Galaxy S II, too.
what is the cheapest deal of t-mobile galaxy s ii in us
The Galaxy S II edition for the Sprint network is probably the most interesting of the bunch. Not only does it have a unique name, but it also has WiMax connectivity and the same larger 4.52” Super AMOLED Plus screen as the T-Mobile version. The Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch will also feature a larger battery - 1800 mAh vs 1650 mAh for the AT&T and international Galaxy S II varieties. The price you have to pay is a slightly thicker shell, but we didn't find that to make such big difference when we handled the phone.

This will also be the first edition of the Samsung flagship smartphone to actually become available in the states. The Epic 4G Touch will be hitting Sprint stores starting on September 16th for $200 on a contract.where i can buy contract free sprint samsung epic 4g touch
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Android 3.2 running 7-inch Sharp tablet is one sale in Japan

Today the 7-inch Sharp Galapagos A01SH tablet goes on sale in Japan at retailers and directly from E-Mobile, available for as low as $1 (100 yen), you have to sign up with an ISP to score that deal. Contract free version costs 44,800 yen (under $400). It’s a Wi-Fi only tablet but is being promoted with a Pocket Wi-Fi. It is available from today.

The Sharp Galapagos A01SH sports a 7-inch 1024 x 600 display, Android 3.2 Honeycomb, Nvidia Tegra 2 processor, 1GB of RAM, b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, GPS, 2MP front and rear 5 MP camera with flash, microSD and micro HDMI ports, various sensors and a 7.5-hour battery (video playback). It weighs 389g and measures 195 x 122 x 11.9mm in size. The tablet has access to Tsutaya’s digital content galapagos tablet price in uk

Can Android Survive the Apple Lawsuits?

Apple has been stepping up its spate of lawsuits against every manufacturer even contemplating using Android in any of their products, with lawsuits against HTC, Samsung and Motorola already underway. Apple has succeeded in having Samsung tablets pulled from sale in Australia and the EU, and seeks to do the same with Motorola's Xoom.

Although the onslaught against Samsung is down solely to design (i.e. rectangular shaped tablets and colorful interface icons) many of Apple's lawsuits are due to alleged patent infringement by Android manufacturers. Apple's real enemy here is Android – they feel threatened by the Google OS' increasing market share in the smartphone arena and are clutching at any means necessary to destroy it entirely.

impacts of apple lawsuit over samsung android

In this game of patent litigation one method of covering your own back is to have a good set of patents under your wing. This is probably the main motivation behind Google's $12.5 billion acquisition of Motorola Mobility, which should provide Google with a wealth of patents to use as a bargaining chip against Apple in future lawsuits. But this move may cause much harm to Google's relationship with its hardware partners.

Motorola is a major producer of Android smartphones and there is some concern among other Android phone manufacturers that future Google produced Motorola phones will have an unfair advantage. Although the bosses at HTC, Samsung and Sony Ericsson have all publicly stated their support to the Google takeover of Motorola and despite Google's instance that Motorola will be operated as a separate company, there is no doubt some cause for concern here.

Samsung, one of the most successful companies to make use of Android, is reportedly stepping up its production of Bada based phones and is also looking into the possibility of purchasing WebOS from HP. Bada is a proprietary operating system developed by Samsung that runs on cheaper touchscreen phones released by the company, while its more expensive range run on Android. The purchase of WebOS could provide Samsung with an alternative to using Android should Google make any serious moves to become a key player in the smartphone hardware market. They could also use WebOS as the basis for a Samsung produced OS to compete with Android and iOS.

It would be a shame to see Samsung depart from the Android market, as they have produced some of the finest Android products of recent years – including the fantastic Galaxy S2 and various Galaxy Tab tablets. With so many lawsuits being directed towards Samsung due to its support of Android, and even the South Korean government urging the tech giant to move away from Google's operating system, it seems highly probable that Samsung would look to at least partially move towards other interfaces.

With Samsung jumping ship it is easy to imagine smaller companies also abandoning Android – companies that have not enjoyed nearly as much success with Android as Samsung has. If these other manufacturers do in fact stop their production of Android phones it will force Google to do what they have stated they have no intention of doing – move further into producing a more coherent hardware-software smartphone business in the same vein as Apple. If this eventuality transpires we could in all likelihood see Google-Motorola being the sole producer of Android phones in just a few years' time.

While the Motorola Droid and its follow ups were excellent devices, Google's own branded phones have never produced much of an impact. It also remains to be seen whether Google could produce a phone as awesome as the Samsung Galaxy S2 and so if Google became the sole producer of Android phones Apple may indeed achieve their aims of stopping Android market domination. For this reason it is advisable to pick up some Samsung Galaxy S2 deals while they are still available, before Apple has it pulled from the shelves. Hopefully with Steve Jobs out of the picture Apple may take a different direction, relying less on lawsuits on more on innovation to win back its market share. This may be the only way we will continue to see excellent Android phones from the likes of Samsung and HTC.
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Mercury announces 3-core Android 2.3 powered 7’’ Tablet for India

The market for cheap Android tablets in India is spreading very quickly. Reliance recently launched the 3G Tab for Rs 12,999 and Bharti also launched the Beetel Magiq tablet for Rs 9,999. Today, Mercury has launched its first Android tablet too – the Mercury mTab. mTab runs on Android 2.3 (Gingerbread). This tablet has 7-inchTFT LCD capacitive touch screen display and it is powered by 1.2 GHz 3-Core processor. It is the first triple core Processor based tablet released in India. The price of Mercury mTab is only Rs. 9499 ($210), this may turn out to be quite a powerful tablet under the sub-10,000 INR range.

This tablet is very pocket friendly and it will be liked by the masses in India with the features as much as any other Android Tablets in the market have. Features include music, email, videos, web access, games and e-books. It has an optional 3G slot as well as a memory slot, which is expandable upto 32 GB. This tablet will compete directly to the Beetel’s mid-August release- Magiq Tablet.

This tablet has the powerful Triple-core Processor with 1.2 GHz speed is far ahead than other 800 MHz processor based devices for this low cost. Display and Graphic performance will be very good with this speed and with the Android Gingerbread OS and it has 512 MB of RAM for enough tasking on this mTab. However, this Tablet has built-in internal memory of 4GB and it has an additional slot for microSD cards. mTab also includes WiFi connectivity, optional 3G and a 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera.
mercury mtab price in bangladesh
Mercury mTab main specification:

  • 7-inch (800 x 480 pixels) TFT LCD capacitive touch screen display
  • G-Sensor for screen rotation and 3D games
  • Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)
  • Dimensions - 19.3cm X 11.7cm X 1.4cm
  • Weight 400g
  • 1.2 GHz ARM 11 processor with OpenGL 3D accelerator and VPU for 1080 hard encoding
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g, 3G USB dongle support
  • 3.5mm audio jack, HDMI out (720p / 1080i), USB OTG support (cable included)
  • Audio player and Video player with 1080p playback support
  • 4GB inbuilt storage (supports up to 16GB optional) and expandable up to 32GB with micro SD
  • 1.3MP front camera
  • 4000 mAh Battery that supports up to 4h of continuous video playback

install android 3.0 on mercury mtab tablet

Google adds voice search facility for Google Maps on Chrome

Google recently added voice search for Google Maps to Chrome, offering users a faster way to get direction. Last summer, the company launched voice actions for Android 2.2 running phones. Also, at the end of last year, Google said it was making voice search smarter by bringing personalized voice profiles to its voice search app for Android.

Google says this helps in searching for hard to spell locations, and in some cases saying where your looking for or wanting to go may be much faster than typing it.
Download google maps to android tablet with vocie search feature
To use the feature, users click a microphone icon that is located in the search text box to the left of the search button. You say what you’re searching for and Google’s voice recognition software does the rest.
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Four free Android games you should play

Games are a very popular genre of apps these years on Android platform. Currently there are lots of free games available in Android Market for your mobile and tablet. In many cases some free games are more interesting than paid ones. There are currently many of high quality games on Android platform, no matter which specific genre you like, platformer, puzzle, or tower-defense, you will have to like it. These four games are arcade and action type. Here I review four top free games selected by Brothersoft news.

Dragon, Fly!
Developed by Four Pixels
Genre: Arcade & Action
Current Version: 1.6

The game is described as "Best Tiny Wings alike on Android". Slide and fly over the beautiful hills in this fast paced one touch arcade game.

As a newly hatched dragon pup you are still too young to fly. That however is not going to stop you from embarking on your very first adventure. The realms are full of curvatious hills. Slide along them and time your touches with precision to build momentum and take off into the sky. Be quick though! Dragon mum is anxious about your whereabouts and has headed out to end your journey and bring you back to the nest.

It’s very simple to play: One touch controls. Pick up and play. Advanced 2D physics engine makes this a game that requires strategy, skill and dexterity to master. 60 frames pr second even on medium level devices. The game has many quests to complete. Get your dragon to the highest level. New beautiful landscapes generated fresh for you every day.
Dragon fly android games review

Racing Moto
Developed by DroidHen
Genre: Arcade & Action
Current Version: 1.1.2

Racing Moto is a fast paced racing game. You never dare drive so fast in the real world! Control your moto with incredible fast speed during traffic rush time! Also enjoy beautiful view during the journey - desert, city, bridge, sea and fores. Gamers can tilt hone to control moto direction, tap screen to accelerate. If you want to hit the high score, just keep accelerating moto so that the score will be boosted. The boost factor is shown on the right top of the screen. You also need to watch out indicator light. Vehicles may turn left or right. Enjoy feeling super speedy moto racing!
free android games racing moto

Death Worm Free
Developed by PlayCreek LLC
Genre: Arcade & Action
Current Version: 1.07

The hottest new android game finally got a free version, over 2,000,000 of downloads for Death Worm, 2 Million people addicted to Death Worm can't be wrong! The highly anticipated Android version of the original Death Worm game has been listed as one of Top-50 indie game of all times according to

Control the mind-boggling underground monster with your finger! Eat people, animals and birds, blow up cars and tanks, bring down planes and helicopters, defeat the army and even the aliens! The free game features 45 levels on 3 different locations, 2 bonus mini-games, 2 bonus mini-games, 30 enemy types, 3 worm types, HD display support and Leaderboards and Achievements.
death worm android games review

AirAttack HD Part 1
Developed by Art In Games
Genre: Arcade & Action
Current Version: 1.7.2

Award Winning next-gen top down air combat shooter with stunning 3D graphics
Air Attack HD - is Award Winning next-generation top down air combat shooter with stunning 3D graphics alongside great audio, effects and awesome gameplay. The game has currently achieved over 1,00,000 Downloads on iPhone / iPad.

If you like games like 1942, 1943, Siberian Strike, iFighter, Air Strike, Flying Shark, DoDonPachi, Espgaluda, Swiv, Sky Force, Warblade, this game is for you. Part 1 of the game features 3 Great Missions, 24 Different Enemy Types, 2 Unique Planes, Numerous Upgrades and Special Weapons, Amazing Lighting and Special Effects, Orchestral Music, 3 Difficulty Modes, Realtime Physics, Destructible Bridges and Buildings, Shmup with Amazing 3D environments enhanced with LightMaps and SpecularMaps, 3 Huge End Level Bosses, 4 Control Types: Touch, Relative, Tilt, Joypad.
download air attack hd free on android tablet

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Motorola DROID BIONIC is coming to Verizon on September 8

We heard so many rumors about Motorola DROID BIONIC. The numerous leaks have been constantly adding or changing the specs of the phone. Last confirmed specs of BIONIC states that DROID BIONIC will pack a 4.3-inch qHD display, a TI OMAP4430 SoC with dual-core 1GHz ARM Cortex A9 CPU and PowerVR SGX540 GPU, an 8 megapixel rear camera capable of recording 1080p video and a VGA front camera, an HDMI 1.4 compliant port, Android OS 2.3.4, Webtop capabilities and last but not least, some 4G LTE support.

Finally we found the release date from the official DROID BIONIC Twitter account. Motorola DROID BIONIC is coming to Verizon US on September 8th. But the pricing is not confirmed yet. I expect Verizon will charge you around $200 in contract for Motorola DROID BIONIC.motorola droid bionic specs and review

LG introducing 3D Game Conversion Engine for Optimus 3D at IFA

LG smartphone success in 2011 depends on LG Optimus 3D so much after loss in Q2. That’s why they are taking lots of time and research to make the product more dynamic. Just before IFA 2011, LG has released details of its new 3D Game Converter for the Optimus 3D. This software promises to take any OpenGL game that runs in landscape and convert it to 3D. Around 50 games will come with pre-optimized settings. After installing this on your Optimus 3D, open any game up in the app and it will try to split the foreground and background and recombine both in 3D. If 3D creates any problem then you can also try it on 2D in normal settings.

3D Game Conversion Engine will be available on LG Optimus 3D next firmware update on this October.
how to convert 2d games into 3d in dual-core smartphones
Here is the Press Release from LG-
World's First 3D Game Conversion Engine for Smartphones to be Unveiled by LG at IFA 2011

SEOUL, Aug. 29, 2011 -– At IFA 2011 in Berlin next week, LG Electronics (LG) will demonstrate the world's first OpenGL-based 2D to 3D game conversion engine available on a smartphone platform. A result of LG's efforts to expand the quantity of 3D content and widen consumer adoption of 3D devices as gaming platforms, the 3D Game Converter is expected to open more doors to 3D gaming content.

The 3D Game Converter will be included in the first Maintenance Release (MR) of the LG Optimus 3D smartphone starting this October, the exact rollout date determined by each mobile carrier.

The 3D Game Converter is expected to benefit both game developers and smartphone users alike. Small and medium-sized game companies will be able to offer 3D versions of their existing 2D games without major investments in human resources, cost or time. Meanwhile, smartphone users will reap the benefits of being able to convert their 2D games into 3D anytime, anywhere free of charge.

"Our Game Converter is a major breakthrough for this industry," said Dr. Jong-seok Park, President and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. "Mobile gaming is a huge trend on the cusp of massive growth and LG is determined to be the de facto leader in this space."

Once the 3D Game Converter is installed, users can enjoy 3D on previously purchased 2D games1 simply by activating the 3D Game Converter. Games can be switched back to 2D just as easily.

When a user opens a 2D mobile game through the 3D Game Converter, the program automatically scans the game to see if it is listed among the 2D mobile games optimized for 3D conversion. If the game has been optimized, it will be converted into 3D using default visual settings. Unlisted OpenGL-based 2D games can still be converted to 3D by adjusting the settings manually. Optimized settings for approximately 50 2D games will be available by October, with 50 more to be added by year's end.

"Far from being a gimmick, LG's 3D Game Converter automatically recognizes the depth information based on the location of each object and separates the 2D graphic images for each eye," explained Dr. Henry Nho, LG's 3D Technology Evangelist. "Using the existing depth information, the 3D Game Converter generates two different images -- one for the foreground and one for the background. It then uses a thin film called Parallax Barrier on the display to show the left image to the left eye and the right image to the right eye, creating an illusion of visual depth."

LG has filed several patent licenses in major countries such as the U.K., Germany and the U.S. for technologies embedded in the 2D-3D game conversion feature.

Visitors attending IFA 2011 can experience LG Optimus 3D up close in Hall 11.2 of Messe Berlin.

LG Optimus One Gingerbread firmware update on the go

LG Optimus One Gingerbread update is scheduled to be released sometimes in future but GSMArena reports that the LG Optimus One has started rolling out. Reports from numerous countries say that the Optimus One is now being updated to Android 2.3.3. The update needs to be downloaded through LG’s desktop client though, as that’s just how LG rolls.

They are also saying that the other recently launched LG phones, such as the Optimus 2x and Optimus 3D will be getting the Gingerbread update soon. I am really looking forward to it. Because without Gingerbread smartphone like Optimus 2X or 3D is looking to my lg optimus one firmware to gingerbread

Apple wins in Australia; Samsung delays Galaxy Tab 10.1 until October

After so much drama in Europe it’s now Australia’s turn. Samsung has now forced to delay the launch of its Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia, obviously due to Apple. In a hearing today, the Korean manufacturer announced that it would refrain from selling or marketing its new tablet within Australia, before September 30th. Samsung made a similar concession earlier this month, agreeing to halt sales of its slates until today's hearing and to provide Apple with product samples at least seven days prior to its Australian launch.
samsung galaxy tab 10.1 contract free price in australia
Apple will detail the specific patents involved in the case by this Friday and will provide a more comprehensive statement of facts by September 5. Samsung will provide points in answer by September 16, with the case going to a formal hearing on September 26 and 29. It was indicated today that top executives and inventors from both Apple and Samsung may appear in person or over video link to explain their patents.

The company says it presented the samples on Thursday, but Cupertino's lawyers insisted that the Australian version of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 still infringes upon its patents. Samsung, meanwhile, said in a statement that it's preparing to launch a counter-attack down under, telling reporters that it "intends to file a cross claim against Apple Australia and Apple Inc. regarding the invalidity of the patents previously asserted by Apple and also a cross claim against Apple regarding violation of patents held by Samsung by selling its iPhones and iPads."
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Samsung announces LTE version of Galaxy S II and Galaxy Tab 8.9, set to debut at IFA

Samsung has announced two new versions of their two hot cake products ahead of their presumably big showing at IFA this week in Berlin, the Galaxy S II and Galaxy Tab 8.9, both with LTE. Both devices are sporting an updated dual-core processor running at 1.5GHz, while the S II is also getting a size bump and moving up to a 4.5-inch screen. The Tab remains otherwise unchanged, rocking the same 1200 x 800 screen and super-svelte (8.6mm thick) design.

There is now word on price and availability of Galaxy S II LTE and Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE. We've heard all sorts of rumors and speculation about exactly what Samsung has in store for Verizon customers.
4g 4g samsung android tablet price in usa
Here is Press Release from Samsung-
Samsung speeds up the Smarter Life with LTE versions of the GALAXY S II and GALAXY Tab 8.9

SEOUL--(Korea Newswire) August 28, 2011 -- Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., a leading mobile phone provider, today announced LTE editions of its GALAXY S II and GALAXY Tab 8.9. These stylish devices now offer high-speed 4G connectivity in addition to power, portability and second-to-none screen technology.

"With the introduction of GALAXY S II LTE and GALAXY Tab 8.9 LTE, we will take the capabilities of these devices to a whole new level. LTE redefines the user experience made possible by these devices and opens entirely new possibilities in terms of content viewing, sharing, quality and connectivity," said JK Shin, President and Head of Samsung's Mobile Communications Business.

"This is a milestone in our commitment to lead the charge in 4G mobile telephony around the world, both in terms of back-end network solutions for service providers and the development of powerful consumer handsets," added Shin.

When connected to a 4G network, LTE technology allows portable devices to download high-quality files at speeds of up to 100Mbps, and to upload at speeds of 50Mbps theoretically – five times faster than even the quickest HSPA+ connection. This means that a four-minute long MP3 track can be downloaded in 0.3 seconds, or an entire film file in less than two minutes.

The enhanced connectivity afforded by LTE technology opens up a range of possibilities for users: Features like social gaming, video conferencing and high-quality media streaming can all be enjoyed seamlessly, with vast improvements in download times and connectivity. 4G technology also enables the seamless and near-instant sharing of multimedia content with friends and family, ensuring that users can share the experiences they love whenever they want.

The addition of LTE to the Samsung GALAXY portfolio also opens further opportunities for mobile application and content developers creating a new generation of mobile services that take full advantage of increased bandwidth and improved connectivity.

In addition to offering a high standard of connectivity, the GALAXY S II LTE delivers powerful performance due to its 1.5GHz dual core processor. Superior 3D graphic performance makes games and video consumption fast and smooth, while popular Web pages like Google, Yahoo and YouTube can load easily, giving customers instant access to the information they need.

A 4.5" Super AMOLED Plus display provides stunning visual clarity, with HD video and images taken on the device's 8MP camera displayed in full vivid color. The GALAXY S II LTE also offers a rich content experience, with Social, Game and Music hubs all included, while the Readers Hub will be available for download after launch. These are in addition to a number of enterprise solutions aimed at increasing productivity. Running on Android 2.3, the GALAXY S II LTE is easy and intuitive to use.

Additionally, the GALAXY S II LTE can also be connected to up to eight devices via WiFi, meaning that files can be quickly and seamlessly synchronized with laptops, tablets and other Smartphones.

The LTE edition of the GALAXY Tab 8.9 is incredibly portable, measuring just 8.6mm thin while weighing only 455g. The boosted connectivity and genuine portability ensures that the GALAXY Tab 8.9 LTE is the ideal device for modern professionals, who need to stay productive and entertained while on the move. LTE capabilities enable video conferences to be held without need to worry about failing connections, while the 8.9" screen enables easy rendering of business content such as presentations. The TouchWiz interface enables an intuitive user experience, enhanced by the space and freedom provided by the large display.

Whether writing emails on a trip or reading an eBook in bed, the GALAXY Tab 8.9 LTE provides the ultimate tablet experience without compromising mobility.
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Samsung somehow confirms they are making next Google Phone, Nexus Prime

*Update: Samsung Galaxy Nexus is known as Samsung Nexus Prime Earlier.
Only a few days ago we heard the rumor that Samsung made prime will be the third Google phone and it will run on Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS. But there is no official sign till today. Samsung legal department has sent a Cease and Desist letter to a person claiming it is in possession of leaked Nexus Prime firmware. The Korean manufacturer wants it back, because it's obviously an exclusive Samsung property and not to be released to the public. By doing this Samsung confirms everyone that the third Google phone, Nexus Prime - will be made by Samsung, not Motorola.

We expect a October release for Nexus Prime. According to the rumors, it will sport 4.5" new generation Super AMOLED screen and might be based on Samsung's Exynos SoC with a powerful 1.5GHz dual-core processor. Ice Cream Sandwich is the first Android OS supported both mobile phone and tablet nexus prime price and contract details

$199 X10 AirPad 7’’ Tablet has many loving features, USB & HDMI onboard

Usually we don’t expect too much from a $200 tablet. But Stalwart retailer X10 releases a new 7-inch Android 2.3 running tablet priced only $199.99. The X10 AirPad promises to be the "best tablet on the market for under $200." And the I certainly say that they kept their promise. X10 has a 7’’ display of 800x480 resolution. By comparison, the Acer Iconia a100 and HTC Flyer each has a 7-inch touchscreen at 1024x600 resolution. It has a 1.2 Ghz Rockchip 2918 Cortex A8 processor and enhanced with a 600 Mhz DSP. That's all pushing Android 2.3 Gingerbread, so it's got that going for it, which is nice.

But the highlights of the feature list are HDMI out for 1080p playback, a full-size USB port, mini (not micro) USB port. There is a 3.5mm headphone jack and a microSD card slot. There's 512MB of RAM on board, and 4GB on internal storage. There's a 2MP camera, making it the worse feature inside. The 4000 mAh batter is rated as 6 hours of movie or music playback or 4 hours of Wi-Fi Internet access. And speaking of Wi-Fi, it's got 802.11 b/g.

Check out X10 AirPad site to order the cheapest Android tablet now. You must hurry now. Because thay claimed that the demand for the new X10 AirPad tablet was so great that the first shipment sold out in just hours. They are now pre-ordering second shipments.
is x10 airpad available in usa?
Here is what X10 official site says-
The Best Tablet on the Market for Under $200
With so many options out there, we set out to make picking your portable computing device an easy choice. Sure, your smart phone does a lot. But let's face it, a small screen makes it hard to navigate and even harder to enjoy quality video. Then there's the laptop. You could spend hundreds of dollars more on a laptop. The fact is, a tablet can do 90% of what a laptop can do, but a laptop can't do even close to all that a tablet can do. And when it comes to tablets, the X10 AirPadTM has all of the features you could want. It's like you're fitting a movie screen, MP3 player, e-book reader, Internet, video game console and more into your pocket. Weighing less than a pound (that's just over HALF the weight of an iPad), about 1/2 inch thick and built tough and compact, you won't find a better tablet for a better price.

Powered by Android 2.3, the X10 AirPad is equipped with a powerful 1.2 Ghz Rockchip 2918 Cortex A8 processor, has a brilliant color screen, 4 GB onboard memory (plus an additional 32 GB with microSD card, not included), a built in camera/video recording device, and access to more than 250,000 apps in the Android Marketplace. The AirPad will stand toe-to-toe with any other tablet on the market. Go ahead, compare the features. When you pencil it all out, you won't find a better tablet at a better price.

Samsung GT-I9220 spy photo leaks, looks promising

Upcoming Samsung GT-I9220 is on the radar after revealing Samsung’s 2011 Android phone road-map. Today, a picture the GT-19220 surfaced, complete with some specs to further grease the rumor mill. Word on the Italian site says that the I9220 will have a 1280 x 720 Super AMOLED Plus display that measure in at 5.29 inches diagonally. Earlier we find that it is called as both phone and tablet in DLNA website.
Samsung gt-i9220 display resolution and size
I9220 running latest Android Gingerbread with a 1.4GHz dual-core processor and packs an 8 megapixel camera. We have another info for you. Samsung I9220 name may be changed to Galaxy S II plus. Along with the picture, the Italian site predicts that Samsung GT-I9220 will be released on October 24. And we expect iPhone 5 will be available by then. Engadget predicts it will be the 1st major competitors that iPhone 5 will face from Android world.

Samsung announces 4 new Galaxy Phones- W, Y, Y Pro and M Pro

Only a few days ago Samsung announced their new Galaxy series phone naming rule. And today Samsung announces four new Galaxy phones with new naming style. All the phones are entry level and mid-range phone. Among the four Galaxy W has the best feature list. Candy bar-based Galaxy W runs on Android 2.3 OS and features a 1.4GHz processor, 3.7-inch WVGA (800×480) TFT LCD, and 14.4Mbps HSDPA, 5MP camera, Bluetooth 2.1, Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n and 1500mAh battery. Galaxy W also supports various Hubs like Social, Game and Music and supports Kies Air to access the phone wireless over Wi-Fi.

Second on list is the Galaxy M Pro. It’s a slim, 9.97mm thick, QWERTY smartphone with a 2.66-inch, 480 x 320 TFT LCD touchscreen and optical trackpad. It will have a 1GHz processor, 5 megapixel rear camera and VGA resolution front camera. Connectivity features include 7.2Mbps HSDPA, Bluetooth 3.0 and Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n. As it is a business phone, Samsung is also offering a variety of enterprise solutions, including Exchange Active Sync, Sybase Afaria, CISCO Mobile and CISCO WebEx. It will be running Android 2.3 Gingerbread and powered by a 1350mAh battery.

The last two phones made official in today’s announcement are Galaxy Y and Galaxy Y Pro. Both are targeted at youth for their affordable prices. Galaxy Y is a candy bar touchscreen phone with a 3-inch 320 x 240 resolution TFT LCD touchscreen, 832MHz processor, 2 megapixel camera, 7.2Mbps HSDPA, Bluetooth 3.0, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Android 2.3 and 1200mAh battery. The phone will come with SWYPE built-in and will be sold in a variety of colors.

Intrinsic specs of Galaxy Y Pro are unknown at the moment but it is said to sport a touchscreen display, a QWERTY keyboard, Social Hub Premium, Wi-Fi with Wi-Fi Direct support, Bluetooth and more.

There is no information about the pricing of either of these phones. We are expecting a Q4 2011 release of this four Galaxy phones. All the four phones will be showcased at IFA expo. difference between samsung galaxy y pro & samsung galaxy m pro

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is now available in Bangladesh, Price is 60,300 taka

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is now released yet in US or most of the EU. But Samsung is successfully able to release is it in most parts of Asia. Bangladesh is one of the first one. Samsung already released this 2nd generation Android 3.1 running Galaxy Tab here. And price of the dual-core tablet is 60,300 taka ($810) in Bangladesh. Keep in mind that, it is the price of unlocked 3G+Wi-Fi version.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 weighs only 565gm , almost similar to its key competitor 9.7-inch Apple iPad 2 (613gm for 3G version) .It is the successor of the popular 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet . It features dual surround-sound speakers,enabling users to enjoy multimedia to the maximum extent without having to compromise mobility. It features high speed 3G HSPA+ connectivity and Wi-Fi n support with “Wi-Fi Direct” feature.
contract free samsung galaxy tab 10.1 3g price
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1-inch Tablet key features :
  • 10.1-inch high resolution multi-touch display
  • Latest Google’s Android Honeycomb OS (v3.0)
  • Light weight – 565gm
  • Dual camera – front and rear
  • Full HD video play , HD video recording
  • 1GHz Dual core processor
  • Flash 10.1 support
  • Wi-Fi Direct – allows Wi-Fi devices to communicate to each other without the any wireless access point .
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 3G+Wi-Fi will be released in India on September for Rs. 36200 ($790). You can pre-order it on Letsbuy. They are offering Cas on Delivery option for Indian buyers. In the mean time 16GB Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 3G is already available ins Amazon. You can buy it from here.

3D Globe SDK for Android Released: Developers Can Add a High Quality 3D Earth to Any App

Springville, UT, August 19, 2011 --( Clever Coding LLC has released an Android version of their popular iPhone 3D Globe SDK. The Android version has all the great features that have been developed for the iPhone version. The first version of the iPhone 3D Globe was developed in 2009 and has been through many revisions and upgrades since then. The android builds upon that long history of features to deliver the best 3D globe available.

The SDK is written in java using calls to opengl es. When a license is purchased to use the globe the customer receives all the source code and related textures. For those that are interested there is an example app that shows off what the app can do. Upon request Clever Coding will send a download link to the apk file for the demo app. Also on Clever Coding's website is an embeded YouTube video showing the globe in action.

Features of the globe include:
- Interactive globe that can be moved around with the finger to rotate the globe. Pinching allows for zooming in and out of the globe.
- Touches are translated to GPS coordinates allowing for the globe to be used as a navigation tool.
- Ability to add custom markers to the globe. For example you could put country flags on all the nation's capitals.
- Ability to add custom textures to the globe enabling endless options of how to texture the globe.
- Function to perform a smooth rotation programmatically between two gps coordinates.

About Clever Coding LLC:
Clever Coding is a Utah based company that was founded in 2008. It provides custom development services for the iOS and Android platforms. They have developed over 100 mobile apps many of which have been featured apps and many that have been top 100 apps. Please visit their website to learn more about hiring them for your next mobile app project.

Contact Information:
Clever Coding LLC
Steven Moon

Source: Brothersoft News

TechMeetups Launches the London Silicon Roundabout Android App

London, United Kingdom, August 22, 2011 --( The app represents the perfect opportunity for you to stay up-to-date with the tech world and the goings on in the Silicon Roundabout. Wherever you are, you can now keep up with everything to do with TechMeetups whilst you’re on the go.

After you install the app, you have access to the website and the London Silicon Roundabout Group webpage, which are laid out on your phone just as they are on your computer.

And there’s even more good news in that this app is free, so as long as you have an Android device that’s 2.1 upwards, you can install the app and start enjoying its benefits today. Just follow the URL to download the app,

For more information, you can visit the TechMeetups website.

Contact Information: Ltd
Shawn Ghosh
London Silicon Roundabout android app review
Source: Brothersoft News

Sony Ericsson introduces another Android running music phone, Live with Walkman

It seems that Sony Ericsson is getting back to the Walkman brand. Earlier they showed us Android running Walkman Phone, W8. New Walkman droid phone is similar to XPERIA Mini, will be called the Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman. With a slightly bigger screen and a strong focus on music you must love this phone.

The Live with Walkman has the latest Android 2.3 OS onboard with customized Sony Ericsson four-corner UI. Live with Walkman is powered by a 1GHz processor; this Android handset features a 3.2 inch, capacitive touchscreen with HVGA resolution, a five megapixel AF shooter with 8x digital zoom, and a front-facing VGA camera capable of capturing HD video in 720p.
sony ericsson live with walkman contract price
Sony Ericsson has placed a special emphasis on the music phone's media capabilities, beefing it up with enhanced audio and Qriocity integration. Sony Ericsson has stereo speakers with xLOUD technology (which improves speaker performance) and the trademark Walkman music player. The 1200mAh battery is good for up to 17 hours and a half of music playback.
sony ericsson live with walkman unlocked phone price
This Walkman droid has 320MB of RAM, provides up to 32GB of microSD storage, and offers either tri-band 3G support (HSPA+) at 850, 1900 and 2100MHZ, or dual-band 3G at 900 and 2100MHz, depending on the model.
sony ericsson live with walkman benchmark scores
The Live with Walkman is slated to hit "selected markets" by Q4 of this year, but the price is now announced yet. The phone will be available in two colors- Black and White. It also comes with a good number of accessories like LiveDock multimedia station, XP121, MS430, MBS-400, LiveView.
sony ericsson live with walkman release date in usa
Here is the Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman Official Press Release-
Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman™ delivers unique social music experience for smartphones
22 August 2011
  • Smartphone with Walkman™ on the latest Android platform (Gingerbread 2.3)
  • Unique Facebook™ integration enables instant music and media sharing
  • Content services from Sony provide access to the latest music and video titles
22 August 2011, London, UK – Sony Ericsson today announced Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman™, an Android smartphone that delivers a unique social music experience. A dedicated Walkman™ hardware button provides instant access to the music player and consumers can also like, share and discover content through a deep Facebook™ integration. The infinite button lets the consumer explore even more and the *Qriocity service from Sony provides music and video content for the consumer to enjoy.

With attractive curved design, a glossy finish and a mineral glass display, the phone has a 3.2” screen and a powerful 1Ghz processor. A front facing camera is enabled for Skype video calling, while a 5MP AF camera can capture 720p HD video recording. *Sony’s xLOUD™ enhances audio output, while the latest Android platform for smartphones (Gingerbread 2.3) provides access to over 250,000 applications on the Android Market™.

Nikolaus Scheurer, Head of Product Marketing, Sony Ericsson said: “Consumers want smartphones to deliver a rich and social entertainment experience. Rather than a one dimensional music experience, they want instant and seamless access to new content, combined with the ability to share and connect with their friends. The Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman™ provides exactly this, in a powerful package with great style.”

A perfect combination of social networking and music entertainment:

  • Deep Facebook™ integration: Allows users to instantly access Facebook through the most used areas of the phone such as the picture gallery, music player, phonebook and calendar.
  • Media Discovery Application: A dynamic application placing the world of music and videos at consumer’s fingertips including Facebook™ recommendations from their friends.
  • Infinite button: Tapping it within the media player enables consumers to have instant access to new content about their favourite artist, such as music videos, artist information and lyrics search.
  • Qriocity music and video content services from Sony: Consumers can access millions of songs from all major labels and watch thousands of movies from all major studios. Only Sony Ericsson Android smartphones provide consumers with unique access to the entertainment services from *Sony.
  • *Sony’s xLOUD™ technology: Enhances audio output of the inbuilt speakers at high levels.
  • TrackID™: Identifies the music track you are listening to within the FM radio and music player. The track can then instantly be shared or downloaded.
  • Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman™ will be available globally in selected markets from Q4 2011.

For full details all products news, please visit the press room and the product blog:

Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman™ at a glance.
*Please note that all services mentioned may not be available in every market.
Black and White
Size: 56.5 x 106 x 14.2 mm
Weight: 115 g
5 megapixel camera
8x digital zoom
Auto focus
Face detection
Flash/Photo light
Flash/Photo flash
Front-facing camera (VGA)
Geo tagging
HD video recording (720p)
Image stabiliser
Red-eye reduction
Scene detection
Send to web
Smile detection
Touch capture
Touch focus
Video light
Video recording
Album art
Bluetooth™ stereo (A2DP)
Music tones (MP3/AAC)
PlayNow™ service
Stereo speakers
TrackID™ music recognition
Walkman™ player
Android Market™
Google™ search
Google Voice™ Search
NeoReader™ barcode scanner
Pan & zoom
Web browser (WebKit)
Call list
Conference calls
Facebook™ application
Google Talk™
Polyphonic ringtones
Sony Ericsson Timescape™
Twitter™ (Timescape™ integration)
Vibrating alert
Video chat ready
Google Mail™
Handwriting recognition
Instant messaging
Multimedia messaging (MMS)
Predictive text input
Sound recorder
Text messaging (SMS)
Type & Send widget
Auto rotation
Four-corner Home screen
Keyboard (on-screen, 12-key)
Keyboard (on-screen, QWERTY)
Live wallpaper
Picture wallpaper
Touch screen
3D games
Media browser
Radio (FM radio with RDS)
Video streaming
Video viewing
Alarm clock
Document readers
Flight mode
Google Calendar™
Google Gallery 3D™
Infinite button
Setup guide
Widget manager
3.5 mm audio jack
Bluetooth™ technology
DLNA Certified™
Google Latitude™
Google Maps™ for Mobile
Google Maps™ with Street View
Media Transfer Protocol support
Micro USB support
Native USB tethering
Synchronisation via Facebook™
Synchronisation via Google™ Sync
Synchronisation via Sony Ericsson Sync
Synchronisation with computer
Synchronisation via Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync®
Synchronisation: Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync® via Moxier client
USB mass storage
USB High speed 2.0 support
USB support
Wi-Fi™ Hotspot functionality
Wisepilot™ turn-by-turn navigation
3.2 inches
16,777,216 colour TFT
480 x 320 pixels
Capacitive touchscreen (multi-touch)
Phone memory (user-free): Up to 320MB
Memory card support: microSD™, up to 32GB
Battery life
Talk time GSM/GPRS: Up to 14 hrs 15 min*
Standby time GSM/GPRS: Up to 600 hrs*
Talk time UMTS: Up to 6 hrs 42 min*
Standby time UMTS: Up to 850 hrs*
Music listening time: Up to 17 hrs 30 min
Video listening time: Up to 6 hrs 30 min
*According to GSM Association Battery Life Measurement Technique. Battery performance may vary depending on network conditions and configurations, and phone usage.
UMTS HSPA 850 (Band V), 1900 (Band II), 2100 (Band I)
GSM GPRS/EDGE 850, 900, 1800, 1900
UMTS HSPA 900 (Band VIII), 2100 (Band I)
GSM GPRS/EDGE 850, 900, 1800, 1900
In the kit
Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman™
1200 mAh battery
stereo headset
2GB microSD™ memory card
micro USB cable for charging
synchronisation and file transfer
user documentation

1) Facts and features may vary depending on local variant. 2) Operational times are affected by network
preferences, type of SIM card, connected accessories and various activities e.g. playing games. Kit contents and colour options may differ from market to market. The full range of accessories may not be available in every market.
© Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB, 2011

The Liquid Identity logo is trademark or registered trademark of Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB. Sony, Walkman and Zappin are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sony Corporation. Ericsson is the trademark or registered trademark of Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson. Additional information regarding trademarks may be located on our website at:

Other product and company names mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners. Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved. All terms are subject to change without prior notice.
Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB, SE-221 88 Lund, Sweden.
Printed in January 2010, R1A

About Sony Ericsson
Sony Ericsson celebrates its 10th year as a joint venture between Sony Corporation and Ericsson in October, 2011. Over the years Sony Ericsson has brought together the best communication technologies with superior entertainment user experiences to create its Xperia™ line of the ‘most entertaining smartphones’ in the mobile handset industry. With its global corporate functions in London, Sony Ericsson has sales and marketing operations in all major regions of the world, as well as manufacturing in China, and product development sites in China, Japan, Sweden and Silicon Valley, California.

CDMA Samsung Galaxy Precedent coming to Straight Talk, costs $150 off-contract

Walmart and its MVNO partner, TracFone, are preparing to release Samsung Galaxy Precedent, a CDMA version of the Samsung Prevail. Straight Talk's primary selling point with the Precedent is the price itself, which is just $150 off-contract. This, combined with Wally World's competitive pricing of $45 per month for unlimited voice, text and data. While no official launch date has been set, you can pre-order your phone today. Samsung Galaxy Precedent contract free price

Android will be arriving at Wal-mart by... by mysticmey

HTC EVO 3D Bootloader unlock tool now available on HTCDev

After HTC Sensation bootloader was available in HTCDev a couple of days ago, HTC EVO 3D is on the list now. With the push of the latest update to the HTC EVO 3D, aspiring developers and hackers can now unlock the bootloader. You must remember that this does officially void your warranty, so you're taking things into your own hands. And unlocking your bootloader does not mean that you will be able to unlock the SIM lock. Unlocking your SIM lock is at the discretion of your operator/carrier and is not part of the bootloader unlocking scope.
how to unlock sprint evo 3d bootload
To start your Sprint EVO 3D bootloader unlocking process read the Frequently Asked Questions at HTCDev site.

Dual-core HTC Sensation Review: Advantages and Disadvantages

On the eve of Dual-core mobile phones in 2011, HTC Sensation was one of the first to born and rule the market. HTC tried to make the droid with complete perfection - from screen, through camera to the powerful chipset. No cutting corners, no compromise on features. Front of the HTC Sensation fitted with a monster 4.3" S-LCD screen with qHD resolution of 540 x 960 pixels. And more importantly this 4.3-inch screen has the same pixel density as a much smaller 3.7" screen with regular WVGA resolution.

The 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon chipset with the new Adreno 220 graphics are good for everything. In this HTC Sensation review as always I will take a look at its specifications, advantages and disadvantages. I hope it will help you to decide buying Sensation or not.
best htc cell phone review
HTC Sensation main specification-
  • Quad-band GSM and dual-band 3G support
  • 14.4 Mbps HSDPA and 5.76 Mbps HSUPA
  • 1.2 GHz dual Scorpion CPUs, Adreno 220 GPU, Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8260 chipset
  • 768 MB RAM and 1 GB storage for apps
  • 4.3" 16M-color capacitive S-LCD touchscreen of qHD resolution of 540 x 960 pixels; Gorilla glass
  • Android OS v2.3 Gingerbread with HTC Sense 3.0
  • 8 MP autofocus camera with LED flash; face detection and geotagging
  • 1080p and 720p video recording @ 30fps
  • Front facing camera with video calls
  • Wi-Fi b/g/n and DLNA; Stereo Bluetooth v3.0
  • GPS with A-GPS
  • Stereo FM radio with RDS
  • microSD slot up to 32GB (8GB card included)
  • Accelerometer, proximity sensor, gyro sensor and an auto-brightness sensor
  • Standard 3.5 mm audio jack
  • microUSB port; MHL TV-out
  • HTC Portable Hotspot
  • Office document editor
htc android 2.3 sensation reviewHTC Sensation main advantages-
  • 4.3" 16M-color capacitive S-LCD touchscreen of qHD resolution of 540 x 960 pixels
  • Scratch resistance Gorilla glass display
  • 1.2 GHz dual Scorpion CPUs, Adreno 220 GPU, Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8260 chipset
  • 768 MB RAM and 1 GB storage for apps
  • Android OS v2.3 Gingerbread with HTC Sense 3.0
  • 8 MP autofocus camera with LED flash; face detection, geotagging, touch-focus, image stabilization and instant capture
  • 1080p and 720p video recording @ 30fps; stereo sound recording
  • Front facing camera with video calls
  • Up to 114 kbps GPRS and up to 560 kbps EDGE speed
  • 8GB microSD card included in the box; up to 32GB support
  • Accelerometer, proximity sensor, gyro sensor and an auto-brightness sensor
  • Standard 3.5 mm audio jack
  • microUSB port for charging
  • Stereo Bluetooth v3.0
  • DivX/XviD video support
  • HTC Locations app
  • HTC Portable Hotspot
  • Ultra-fast boot times (if you don’t remove battery)
  • Office document editor
  • Li-Ion 1520 mAh battery
drawbacks of htc sensation 4gHTC Sensation disadvantages-
  • Much slower than other dual-core Android phone like Samsung Galaxy S II or LG Optimus 2X
  • S-LCD display performance is not satisfying under sunlight
  • Serious "death grip" issue with Wi-Fi radio
  • No dedicated camera key
  • microSD card slot is under the battery cover
  • As advertised it has not a unibody construction
  • No direct HDMI TV-out port; requires MHL-to-HDMI adapter
Though HTC Sensation has some minor issues but I think it is a good choice for you. Sensation outlook and Android performance is really outstanding. It will be your first choice if you decide to buy a dual-core Android phone. To read the complete HTC Sensation review by GSMArena click here. HTC Sensation benchmark results can be found here.

Amazon offers unlocked HTC Sensation just for $372.00 now. Check this if you want to buy a new one. It is the cheapest HTC Sensation deal out there.

Check out some HTC Sensation necessary accessories on Amazon-
Screen Protector Shield for HTC Sensation 4G
Ultra Smooth Clear Screen Protector Film for HTC Sensation 4G / HTC Pyramid (3 Pack)
HTC Sensation Gel Skin Case
High Gloss Black Flexible TPU Case for HTC Sensation 4G (T-Mobile)

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