6 Best Android Camera Apps to Enhance Photography Experience

Android smart phones incorporate some of the best cameras on the market, giving users unprecedented opportunities to take some wonderful photographs. However, if you want to take full advantage of that technology, you can download one of the many apps geared towards enhancing your photographic experience. From basic editing and touch-ups to major image overhauls and the best ways to share your snaps with friends, here are six of the best camera apps for Android users.

The iPhone crowd may fawn over Instagram and Hipstamatic, but this app lets you pretend that your Android smart phone is an ageing model of camera that shoots on film, despite the fact that the files will still be saved as digital bits direct to your phone's memory card. You can choose from one of five different filters and then add post-processing effects which make the pictures look as if they were taken in various decades, from the swinging 60s to the go-getting 80s. You can add an instant sprinkle of nostalgia to pictures that you took five minutes ago with RetroCamera.

Camera 360
Four-million Android owners agree that this is one of the best all-round camera apps available at the moment. It incorporates a number of popular imaging effects, including HDR, to give your snaps that over-exposed, summery feel and Night Enhancement to make up for low levels of ambient light once the sun has set.
what is the best camera app for android mobile phone
The point of having a camera on your phone is that you can quickly take pictures whenever you want. However, this level of spontaneity can be spoiled if your mobile takes a few seconds to load up the camera app and is only ready when the moment has passed. With QikCam, you can simply place a shortcut to this app on your smart phone's home screen and then use it to take a picture immediately, with no lag while the app loads up. As long as you do not end up taking too many pictures of the inside of your pocket if you leave your phone's screen unlocked, this app will prove to be extremely useful.

The shutter noise made by Android smart phones when you take a picture is not only a nice throwback to traditional film-based cameras, but also helps you to know when you have actually captured an image. However, it can be quite annoying after a while and you may want to keep it turned off permanently without having to alter any settings every time you reboot your handset. This is where SilentCam comes in, as it simply mutes the shutter noise and lets you take your photographs quietly.

For photo sharing and image manipulation on an unprecedented level, you should check out PicPlz. It helps you to edit your images with filters and effects galore and then allows you to upload them and share them on your favourite social-networking site, whether it is Facebook, Twitter or Flickr.

Photo Grid
Creating collages of your photos is easy using this app. You can arrange your snaps in any way you please and then share them with friends through all of the usual channels, including email and social media. The grid-based system makes it simple to position pictures. One added attraction of this app is that it is free to download and use.
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