Sony Xperia U and Xperia P costs $342 and $593 respectively

Sony only announced two mobile phones in MWC 2012- Xperia U and Xperia P. Fortunately they also announced the price for these exclusive Xperia NXT smartphones too.

Budget friendly Sony Xperia U costs $342. As you probably already know - that will come with two interchangeable plastic covers bottom cover depending on the main color. White Xperia U has white and yellow covers, while the black version comes with black and pink covers.
sony xperia nxt phone model number
The Sony Xperia P is based on the same dual-core chipset as Xperia U, but it comes with a large 4-inch qHD display with WhiteMagic Reality technology, a better camera and more storage capacity. There are no covers here. This is a much higher price than the Xperia U - $593.

Release date of both this handsets remain unknown.

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