Best Features of an Android Mobile Monitoring Application

An Android phone has established itself firmly in the cellular phone marketplace. In fact, statistics for the early half of 2012 reveal that Andriod operating system sees around a million activations every day. These staggering number is probably because it is a genuinely smartphone! The features of an Android phone empower you to use it for banking, emailing and surfing the internet apart from its regular features of calling and texting. Inevitably, one trusts saving all kinds of personal information in an Android device. This kind of usage necessitates the installation of an Android mobile monitoring application to help in protecting the device and its user’s info too.

Best features of mobile monitoring apps
Leading apps like Mobile Spy provide the ability to monitor Android phones too. It is important to ensure that even the newer models of Android phones are capable of being monitored with monitoring apps. These apps promise secrecy, effectiveness and comprehensiveness of monitoring abilities and here is how they work.

Complete stealth mode
The application can be downloaded from the provider’s website and installed on the target cell phone physically. There won’t be any visible or tangible evidence of the installation running on the phone. Once the installation is complete it will run under wraps all the time. The interface provided by the software has the option of changing it to visible mode but otherwise it is monitored completely under the radar. Once installed, the phone does its work of recording and uploading all activities being conducted on the phone to an online account. It receives SMS commands and uploads information quietly.

Online access to the information
Android mobile monitoring apps deliver logs and information pertaining to the operations of the target phone to an online account set up by you in their respective official websites. You can then simply log on to this online account from virtually anywhere and check out all the activities taking place on the phone. In the case of Mobile Spy, the application gives the user an online control panel and a live control panel. With the latter, you can actually take a look at the phone’s screen in real time. With such online access you can check the phone’s whereabouts and you can receive email alerts about the calls and other information pertaining to the phone.

Comprehensive coverage
With an Android mobile monitoring application, you can cover every single activity taking place on the phone. For instance, you can record and monitor phone calls, you can check the emails being sent and received from the phone, you can keep track of its location via GPS facility and you can monitor text and other messages too. All this information is uploaded instantly and therefore, erasing call and message logs will not affect the app’s working.

Remote access and control
This is yet another useful feature of an Android mobile monitoring application. Using SMS commands, you can perform operations like locking and unlocking the device, retrieving the GPS location of the phone instantaneously and even wiping the information on the phone. You can also use it to turn on the microphone of the phone so that you can listen to the conversations taking place in the surroundings.
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