HTC Desire HD isn’t getting ICS, wanna know why?

HTC declared earlier that one of their Android powerhouse from 2010 will not get Android Ice Cream Sandwich taste ever, at least officially. Now they are kind enough to notify us the reason. Surely this is not the news you wanna hear but what can I do! If you have interest then you might read the whole article. HTC finds many problems to port Android ICs to Desire HD. One of the biggest issue is the risk of users losing their personal data during the update process.

The larger size of Android ICS would require repartitioning the handset's internal space. By doing this it creates the abovementioned danger. HTC considered reducing the overall size of the package, but came to the conclusion that such a move would impact the phone's functionality. So after testing this HTC decided not to give Desire HD users what they want. But I think that’s not the problem of modders. I am pretty sure that somehow they will manage to port Android ICs to HTC Desire HD. It that will happen I will pass the information to you.
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