Samsung reduces entry level Androids price in Bangladesh

Among many of the top Android mobile phone manufacturers in the world, Samsung is the only one selling their devices officially in Bangladesh. So the benefits are clear cut. They will give you1 year warranty with every device. So that’s why people are choosing Samsung Android phone more than others. Samsung is currently selling all of their top smartphones in Bangladesh including Galaxy S III. And recently they are lowering their entry level Android Phone prices quite a lot.
Hereby I only mention the previous and current price of the Samsung handsets.
  1. Samsung Galaxy Ace
    Previous Price: 25,000 taka
    New Price: 20,900 taka
  2. Samsung Galaxy Y
    Previous Price: 13,490 taka
    New Price: 12,900 taka
  3. Samsung Galaxy Y Color Plus
    Previous Price: 13,990 taka
    New Price: 13,600 taka
  4. Samsung Galaxy Y Duos
    Previous Price: 16,500 taka
    New Price: 15,100 taka
samsung android phone price in taka

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